• Him.
    The guy I called my jerk.
    My ex-boyfriend.
    My ex-best friend.
    So here's the story with us.

    We were love-hate type of people. He was calm, peaceful and funny. I was an otaku, loud, crazy and awkward. We completed each other. I remember the exact date he asked me out. April 21, 2010, infront of the school sign. During my three months and three weeks with him, I fell in love, especially with his eyes. I dreamed of my life with him. I knew, for some odd reason, he was the one. We had phone calls, and they were 4 hours a day. The whole summer, and I mean the entire summer, we talked to each other, even when we broke up.
    We broke up, I was still happy. I still had him by my side, and we declared being best friends. The was he looked in my eyes. With joy, and hope. I loved it.
    ...But that changed.
    October 2010, he started talking to the girl. That girl he left me for. I was upset, I admit. I was jealous. The phone calls stopped, and I was alone. He was the only person I trusted with my life. He was gone. He turned away, spilling my secrets, making fun of me.
    What's even worse, the girl he left me for flirts with every other guy friend I had left. She has something against me, I have a feeling.
    Today, he was different.
    "Today, I'm not making any jokes about her," he was talking about me, I cried yesterday. They went too far.
    I smiled.
    Minutes passed, and I heard my other friend state "Aria, give me one of your knives," I glared. How could he? They always think I'm emo. I don't know why...
    My friend pointed at him. "He said it first don't blame me!"
    He had the are-you-serious look on his face.
    He looked into my eyes. Then I saw it again. That look of joy, and playfulness struck in his eyes. It struck to me. The way he looks at me may be different, but the way his emotions are expressed through his eyes are the same. That's when our eyes met, and he just remarks "Why are you staring at me?" And that split second, just before he asks that, is the only time I actually smile, since he knows too, I'm happy.
    Things that happened in the past, everything, I know he remembers at least some of the things I told him.

    I know there will always be a part of myself that will love him still. whether it will be 100% or .000001%, it will always be there. I will always (and I know this for sure) compare him, to every other boy I will date, and maybe marry.
    It's just something.
    But I'm going to find a way, that'll settle this.

    ...maybe something never do change. Like his eyes.