• I am broken inside and out. His words cut like shards of glass. I know that I am better then everything he says. But that does not mean it still does not hurt. Broken and holding back tears. I do not feel much anymore. Just the pain and hurt. No love. No happiness. I feel like I was put here to be put down and kicked around. He is never proud of me. Thankful I could not care. It is all about him. I can not live my life. I hear my name more times then I can count. Broken is my dreams. Broken is my world around me. Have you ever wondered why someone would brake you just so they can be happy?
    Just because his life sucked and sucks does not mean you need to make my life that way. The hate that I feel for him grows more and more each passing day. His yelling give me a headache. I want to punch him in the mouth but jail is not a place I want to be. I bite my lip each time. Soon this broken child will snap. He will get his in the end. Nothing I do is ever good enough.

    ~A Broken Child~