• Silver walked along a broken sidewalk on Walker St. Manhattan. It was only about 3pm in the afternoon but the sky was nearly dark. It probably was because of the blood that lingered in the air. Whatever was the cause of it, Silver shook it off. Up ahead was a information bar. More drunks came out than information. Not a surprise though…there wasn’t much of a information anyway. What does one need to know? How to survive in a dark deserted world without going mad? The boy scoffed.
    Next to the bar stood a old man. He knew this guy. He was always here selling goods such as weapons or jewelry and valuables in exchange for money or most importantly food. Food was scarce in this era. A couple of crumbs could be died for. This was especially if you were poor. In this new century there was only two categories involving money, filthy rich or deadly poor. Most gang members doing drug deals and most company owners, the ones that stuck around, usually fell into this category. The others, beggars, thieves, store owners, farmers, and any other working or non working classes fell into the other category. These usually didn’t even have enough to buy food suit for ants! These died of quickly.
    Silver didn’t belong in a category. He was a servant, a slave. He was fed and taken care of whether the “economy” was good or bad. His master was one of the rich ones. Which would explain why Silver was walking around the streets, half bored and half irritated. His master, namely Alex-landerson, was always off drinking. So much that he always relied on Silver to drag him back home before bad stuff happened.
    Up ahead from the old man was a large sign. It had neon lights that stuttered and flickered on and off, mostly off. It was old. Bugs and moths tickled its existence. What was most sad about the nearly lifeless and dying neon sign (it said Missy’s Café) was that it was hanging on one bolt of nail. That last bolt wasn’t even worth the effort. It too was going old. With rust covering it and sides worn away it was nearly as lifeless as the sign. Silver took a look at it and walked past it crossing the supposed “street” and heard it make a moaning sigh. He was even expecting it to pull off the wall and crash on the streets below, but it hung on. Silver shrugged at that and finally crosses to the other side.