• In life we live, and everything is repetitive. Wars, death. Love, happiness. But what is being worked towards? Where are we going if not in circles? Some of these circles are not noticeable for our sense of time is simply too short to comprehend them. Examples? The destruction of worlds, races, dying suns. We think that we're going to all die in 2012, this is just stupid, we thought we'd all die in the year 2000 as well, but did we? No.

    When we all perish, we will go. Time simply repeats itself, when we die, we will die as all other creatures have. Where we go, we may not know, but everything goes at some point in this big circle. So what I must say is do not fear, for fear will only make the last time we have as horrid as you make it, while it could be peaceful, happy even. For we know we are finishing the loop that is this circle.

    And then it starts again. Where we will be, of course, is unknown, as well as what we will be, or when we will be, or anything. But nature will continue, for nature herself is invincible. Everything we do may have an effect on her, but nothing can destroy her.

    For a time, when everything living dies, there will be oblivion, but as told in these circles of time, life will return and flourish anew. And when that time comes, all will be repeated.