• Jim was the park worker. He had the night shift, which he didn't mind, he's left alone to himself to think. As he walked down the side walk, he saw two love birds sitting on a bench under a broken lamp post. He shouted, "Hey, do you guys want some light?" He had no answer. He tried again. The sound of silence filled his ears. He glanced at his watch, it was 1:30 AM. Why would anyone be here in the park in the middle of winter he asked himself. He walked up to them sitting on the bench, and asked, "Don't you guys want me to fix the light?" They still didn't answer him. He put his gloved hand on the man's shoulder and he felled over onto the snow. That's when he noticed they were both dead.
    He was frantic. What was going on, how long had they been there. He was careful when he looked them over, to see if they had any signs of being killed. He searched his pocket for his phone, quickly dialing 9-1-1. It rang for a few minutes, then finally, "Hello, what is your emergency?"
    "I found two dead people at Bear-claw Park!"
    "We'll send a unit over as soon as we can, we've been having quite a busy night." With that the woman hung up. He suddenly wondered if they weren't the only deaths. What could have caused this? Was it a disease, was it airborne?
    Jim then decided to cover the body's with a tarp to prevent snow from tampering the evidence, if there is any. He ran towards the tool shed, unlocked it, and garbed the trap. As he was walking back he noticed that the murderer could be out there with him. Even though he could see 20 feet in front of him, he looked anyway. Trees, benches, a snowman that the children made during the day. Nothing out of the ordinarily.
    He walked to the shed quickly, and walked just as quickly back to the bench. He covered the couple with the tarp. He noticed that they had been holding hands. Their eyes were both closed, they could almost be sleeping, he thinks. Jim covers them. And then he waits.
    The police came 14 minutes after he made the call, but Jim though it felt like forever.
    During that time every snap of the trees sounded like someone coming towards him. He decided that as soon as the police got there he was going home. A officer walked up to him.
    Aron further inspection Jim noticed he's only in his mid 20's. He hoped the officer knew what he was doing. "Hello sir, you called about the two bodies you found?" "Yes, I was just taking a walk around the park, to make sure everything was in order, and I saw them sitting there, I asked them if they wanted the light on because he was broken. And they didn't answer, so I walked up to them, they still didn't respond. Then I put my hand on his shoulder and he feel over. That's when I noticed they were dead."
    "Is there anything else you can tell us?" Jim thought about that. What else was there really beside two dead people in the park on a snowy November night? He hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary up until that point. "No, that's all." The officer nodded. "Well, if that's all then. We'll need your contact information of course, so if you could just fill this out. Then you can go on your way."
    Jim filled it out, and gave it to the officer. "Here you go," Jim said. "Have a good one," the officer said, then he was off and so were the dead bodies. Wait, what about the snow? Jim walked around the bench and saw no other foot prints, other than his own and the officer's. He saw no blood. No blood, no foot prints, what else is there? With that Jim left for home.
    He had a restless night of sleep. Just as he fell into a comfortable sleep, at about nine in the morning, his phone started ringing. "Hello, this is Officer Dan, from the park last night. It ends up that we're going to need you down at the station for questioning."
    Jim hurried to get ready. He brushed his teeth, got his shoes on, and turned off the light as he left his house. He got in his car, and drove from his apartment building to the police department seven miles down icy roads. When he pulled up to the building, he noticed he was packed with people. How strange, not everybody in our small town is bad. Jim walked in and there was no one there.
    He walked up to the counter and asked where to go. A old woman, who's much older than Jim, with bright red lipstick said, "Everyone is in that conference room right around the corner." He said thanks and walked into the conference room and it was packed! All the chairs were taken, and there were so many people they were standing anywhere they could.
    "-everyone told their stories yet?" It was the Mayor, then a voice answered him, "Jimmy hasn't said his story yet!" Someone must have noticed his arrival.
    Confused by what's going on, Jim asked, "What story?"
    The Mayor told him, "The story about finding all the dead bodies around town. Now don't tell us you haven't heard? Because your name is on the list. Get up here to the podium, tell us what you know." Jim walked up there, all eyes and ears on him.
    He explained how he found them together, holding hands. He described how they almost looked like they were sleeping. Then he went on to say that there were no footprints in the snow. He was still confused as to what was going on.
    "No other claims?" The Mayor asked, "Meeting is adjourned." With saying that everyone got up and gather their things over the chitter chatter that they started.
    Then Officer Dan walked up to Jim, and started to speak to him, "It's a epidemic." They started to walk out of the room and down the hallway. "Everyone says they found a dead body last night to this morning. But you, you're different. Out of all the calls we got, you were the only one that reported two."
    Jim didn't knew there will be that many people in the room, so he asked, "How many calls did you get?" Dan looked at his clipboard he was carrying and told him, "We had 227 calls, ranging from 11pm last night to 6am this morning."
    His mind was blown. But at the same time, he was the only one to find two? He feels that they might have known something, they had been together. "Did you identify them?"
    "Yes, yes we did," Dan paused as he flipped the top sheet on his clipboard, "One as a Mr. James Adams, and the other as Ms. Jane Westfield."
    "So were they from around here?"
    The officer shook his head. "No, we looked at his wallet and her purse. They're from Montague, Montana, only a two hour drive from here."
    "What about the other's?"
    "Most from a two hour range away. But there are a few from Nebraska, and some as far as Maine."
    He nodded his head. What on Earth had drawn these people here? He didn't even remember seeing anyone new around town. "We're thinking about calling in the C.D.C."
    "Yes, call them in. But have you autopsied any of the bodies?" Dan looked surprised when he asked him. He didn't answer. "Well, did you guys?" Jim persisted.
    Dan finally answered, "We have, but our autopsy room is only capable of doing 2 bodies at a time, and we have 228 bodies to go through..."
    Jim asked, "What did you find?"
    Dan looked frighten, "We weren't told anything yet. They only started three hours ago. Come on, let's go to my desk." They hurried to Dan's desk, and Dan got on his computer. After a few button pushing, Dan said, "They checked 8 bodies so far, and they found something unknown. Something we can't identify."
    He ran a hand through his hair. What did he know though, he was nothing but a caretaker of a public park.
    "Anything else you can tell me?" Jim asked Dan.
    Dan thought for a moment, and said, "Nope. Nothing else."
    Jim gave out a sigh. What am I going to do? It almost seemed that Dan read his thoughts, "Go home, it's gonna be a real quite day today. But it's going to be all over the news."
    "That's what I'll do then," Jim said as he turned towards the door.
    Dan interrupted him, "Don't worry, we got it from here."
    Jim smiled and walked out of the door.