• Preface

    “Ariel wake up” I woke startled and tried to find the snooze button. But instead found my mother’s hand. “Ariel van helsing it’s your first day of a new school are you trying to be late.” “No mom” “good then I want you out of bed now” “yes mother.” I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower down the hall got out of my clothes and into the shower letting the hot water run over my body and I turned the water off and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself and walked back into my room and started going through my closet, I finally decided on a jack skelington hoodie my favorite worn out slipknot tee and my red and black mini-skirt and grabbed my boots and messenger bag and headed down stairs to the kitchen, “good your up and down stairs in record time” my mom said putting two pancakes in front of me. I smiled and covered them in syrup and ate them. “Oh I almost forgot you must wear these at all times” she said disappearing into her study, which was off limits to anyone but her. “Ariel you must wear this set together and you know why” she handed me a set of earrings and a ruby and onyx ring. “Thanks mom can I have my car keys now?” I asked putting on the set she just handed me. “Okay your going to take my land rover today until we can get your car here” “what are you going to drive?” “I’ll take the bus” “okay mom” I said grabbing her keys “she hasn’t been the same since my father was killed” I thought. “I’ll see you later mom” I said putting on my knee high boots and grabbing my Avenge Sevenfold messenger bag and climbed into the car. “I wonder what the kids at school will say about the new girl and her mother moving into the creepy old mansion on top of the hill” I thought smiling and on came Another Brick in the Wall by Korn I smiled and started to sing along with the song. My phone went off and I realized it was my grandfather Stan I’m still not sure what he does for a living but I answered the phone “yes granddad” “my little raven have you left the house yet?” “I hate when you call me that and you know it so why do you insist on calling me that, and yes I left the house like five minutes ago” “well then I wish you the best of luck at that school” he said and then he was gone. I looked at the phone and I still had service “god I wish you would at least say bye before you hang up” I hung up the phone and continued driving down the road and took a left and was meet by an iron gate then someone came out of the building that was outside of the gate and walked up to my window “name and grade please” “really” I said. “Name and grade” he repeated “Ariel van helsing and the grade thing is on a need to know basis” I said rolling my eyes and smiled as he walked back into the building and made a phone call about a minute later he walked out with a parking pass and a smile plastered on his face “here you go miss” he said handing me the pass “thank you now will you please open the gates so I can get through before I’m late” as he opened the gates and I pulled through. “God you would think I was driving into a prison” I thought.

    Chapter 1

    I pulled into the parking lot and found a park near the front door and got out and locked the doors. I opened the front doors and tried to find the office. “Excuse me are you new here” I heard a shaky voice say “no it’s just the first day I decide to show up I’ve been enrolled here for years” I replied. “Well if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be looking so lost” said another voice. I turned around and my step faltered a little. “If you had been here for years I would defiantly have remembered your face” he said. This guy was sexy as hell; his skin looked like it was kissed by the sun and pale green eyes you couldn’t miss. “Can I help you miss” he said offering me his arm. I took it and switched the shoulder my bag was on so he could take my arm. “So what are you doing in our sleepy town and staying at that haunted house outside of town” he said looking down at me because he was taller than me he was waiting for my answer. “Umm….well my mom is a writer part time but a full time business woman” I said smiling. “Funny cause since you’ve moved here no one has seen anyone leave until this morning” he said. “Well……the thing is” “come on Ariel come up with a lie this is one of the few things your good at” and then I got it. “We moved in late at night and were more night people than anything” I said. “So you’re kind of like vampires” he said jokingly and I stopped and wiggle out of his grip. “Umm….I’ve got to go Muse” “wait I never told you my name” I heard him call after me as I ran down the hallway. “God Ariel you know you need to avoid people like the plague or you could risk everything your mother worked for and your father died to try and protect you” I said mentally kicking myself. I finally stopped walking and cursing myself to try and find my schedule and my wallet and noticed they were booth missing “Damn it all to hell” I said out loud. “Excuse me but I would watch what your saying around here I’m all about free speech but come on girl” a beautiful voice said and I turned around to see the goddess it came from. I smiled at her “the names Paige” she said offering me her hand, her nails were painted a deep purple which didn’t mach the flaming boots she was wearing and the leather coat, with a slipknot tee on and a pair of jeans. I smiled at her and shook her hand “and who do I have the pleaser of speaking to” she asked. “Geez where is my head” I said smacking my forehead “Ariel, Ariel van helsing” “nice to meet you van helsing, so why are you so upset?” “My wallet and schedule are missing” I replied. “Well damn” and I laughed at her as she cussed. “Have you talked to anyone else yet” she said looking at me with her cat green eyes and I felt my knees grow week. “Um….” I said looking for an excuse not to look into her eyes. “A guy” “and his name would be?” “Muse” she stopped looking through her bag and looked at me “great your first day here and you’ve already run into trouble come with me” she said grabbing my wrist and leading me down a series of hallways and then I saw him and my heart skipped a beat. “God I need to just breath, he’s just a human boy my kind look twice as good as him” I thought smiling thinking about my Vladimir “who now that I think about it, should be here somewhere now” as I realized that I heard yelling, I was brought back to reality “Damn you Muse give her back her stuff or so help me I will get expelled on the first day back before the first bell which will break my personal best” she said throwing her fist into a locker as it bent beneath her fist. “Wow psycho much I just took her wallet and schedule so that I could get to see her again” he said walking up to me handing me my things “I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as her before Paige” “you keep talking about my girl like that and you wont be seeing much more” I heard a males voice and turned around and wrapped my arms around him. “Hi Vladimir” I said as he kissed me. “Hi my love, miss me?” “Every moment were apart” I replied putting my things back in my bag. “You ever pull a stunt like that again with her and I promise you this girl….” he said pointing at Paige looking for her name but she couldn’t pull her jaw off the floor long enough to say anything back so I answered for her “Paige” “well Paige will be the least of your worries” Vlad said grabbing my hand as we walked off. “Hey” Paige called after us and I kissed Vladimir one more time as he whispered real low “why didn’t you bust his skull in you could have done it and you know it” he said biting my ear. “Vladimir not now I’ll text you later” he smiled “in class” he asked pulling away from me. I smiled and nodded “my what a bad girl I should really tell your mother” he said kissing me again. “Go before she comes around that corner I can hear her thoughts already” he kissed me one more time “you better text me soon or I will show up at your class room” he said smiling and walked away. That sexy walk of his that just oozed confidence and why shouldn’t he, he was gorgeous after all he was my pre determined mate all six feet, jet black hair, and piercing blue eyes just looking at him I’m amazed I didn’t go blind, but the best part is that he says he truly loves me there was nothing fake about how he acted around me.

    Chapter 2

    “Oh Holy s**t your boyfriend has got to be a male model or a movie star” Paige said running up next to me and lacing her arm through mine. I just smiled at her “he’s had several offers but he wants to stay for me and finish school.” “I have one question and one question only dose he have a brother?” she said eagerly. “Really why I would have taken you for a lesbian” I said looking down and turning twenty different shades of red all at one time. She just stopped walking “I’m bisexual” she replied “so does he.” I was amazed that she didn’t threaten to take my head off for that “as a matter of fact he does his name is Drake.” Her eyes got really wide and she smiled “twins?” “Yes” “dose he go here” “nope he’s in the college up the road from here” I said looking confused because we stopped in front of a class room. “before you ask this is your first class according to your schedule that I got a glimpse of when your boyfriend walked up, second don’t you have to have a straight A average and you need amazing talent plus have an amazing list of extra stuff to get in there” she asked as her eyes pierced my soul again. “kool thanks and yes he was on a lot of sports teams at his high school and he was a complete geniuses and his talent is very rare and that’s all your getting out of me, now if you will excuse me I have to get in there and find a seat as far away from the teacher as possible” I said walking in. “Don’t think were done we will continue this when I come and get you from this class” she said walking away. I walked in and heard a whistle I looked up to see where it came from and there he sat. “Damn this is one human I wont be able to escape will I” I thought as I walked right past his desk and into a seat way in the back in a corner that looked like no body had ever sat at. He picked up his things and joined me in the back. “What do you want” I said unpacking my things and pulling out my laptop and placing my phone on it now that the lid was open. I scrolled through my messages and found Vladimir’s number and so I texted him “u won’t believe whose in my first block” I sent it and within four seconds I had a text back from him “that human is in there isn’t he” I could tell Vlad was jealous. I replied back and told him just 2 IM me. I put my phone up and signed into my laptop and brought up my browser, and logged into my yahoo, there he was already waiting he had already blown up my IM “WTF is his problem is he hitting on u yet?” “no he’s not” “good since I’m not there and your an alpha female u have permission to beat his a** if he try’s anything” I smiled and signed off after telling him “thnx” I smiled and started to take notes when I noticed there was a note on my desk and I looked at Muse and he just smiled at me. It read “I’m having a get together at the old cemetery after school it’s my family tradition it starts at midnight” I just wrote back “and ur telling me this y” and handed it back to him he read it and wrote something down “cause I’m inviting you” I smiled and nodded, I wrote “I’ll see about coming” and handed it back to him. I thought before that his smile couldn’t get any bigger and then it did. “You miss, in the back with the computer” the teacher said walking in. “yes mama?” “We don’t use those in this school” “well its how I learn it has software that helps me learn and study much better” I said looking into her eyes. “Yes well okay class lets get started on our work then, and welcome to our class Miss….” “Van helsing” I replied. “Welcome Miss Van Helsing” she said and turned to the bored and started to teach the class.

    Chapter 3

    I was so glad that my computer recorded everything the teacher goes over and makes videos for me, because I was to busy daydreaming which was like me but not what I was daydreaming about. I realized I was daydreaming about a human and of all humans the one that was sitting beside me “Oh come on Ariel, what does this one human have that Vladimir doesn’t. Well for one thing his eyes are kind and gentle. Which would get him killed in a heartbeat and you know it, plus he stole from you already. Yes but he clearly had a reason which by the way he told me what it was. Even still you know what will happen to him if the counsel finds out your thinking about picking a human over him, better yet you know what will happen if Vladimir caught on. Please I know he’s too focused on our future as true royalty among our kind beside my mother only agreed to it because she’s trying to help out our family. Please she’s just trying to get herself in good graces with his father and you know it especially after what she did that got your father killed.” By this time I’d had enough of arguing with myself “shut up you know that’s not what happened” I yelled in the middle of class. “Miss Van helsing clam yourself” “I’m sorry may I go to the bathroom?” “I suppose, just sign out before you leave” “yes mama” I got up and walked to the clipboard and signed my name and the whole time I was writing I felt someone’s eyes on me but I didn’t have to turn around to know it was Muse. “Something else to add he actually cares if I’m okay or not” I thought to myself. I walked out of class and smiled when I found the bathroom and went into the handicap stall on the end and shut the door and leaned against the wall and was on the verge of tears thinking about my father when I heard a voice I knew all to well “my love are you in here” “Vladimir you shouldn’t be in here” I said and then I shut up because I knew my voice had given to much away. I saw his shoes then he knocked on the door “go away” was all I could manage before I started crying. “You don’t want me to rip the door off its hinges and you know I can, so open the door please” he said. I leaned forward and unlocked the door and before I knew it he was in the stall with me and I was crying on his shoulder. “Did that stupid human do this to you, or were you thinking about that pathetic excuse for a father again” I just growled against his chest and I punched him square in the chest and knocked all the wind out of him and walked out. And I walked into the bathroom up stairs and stood in there and just cried for the rest of the class period when I realized it was time to go to my next class I ran back to class to find all my things packed and waiting by the front between Paige and Muse, they both just smiled at me.

    Chapter 4

    “Where did you go? Are you okay? Why did you just randomly yell in class?” Muse asked all these questions at once. “Bathroom, yes I’m fine, it was nothing” I said smiling weakly “your eyes say it was defiantly something” Muse said not wanting to drop the subject but thankfully Paige got the idea and handed me my stuff and looped her arm through mine and led me to my next class. “I’ll see you later” Muse yelled after us and walked in the other direction to his next class. “Okay I know we just meet and all but I have a feeling you need to talk to someone about this” she said offering me a smile that almost made my heart stop but not because of her but because I smelt the rest of my pack. “I have to get ride of Paige and now” I thought. “Paige thanks for your concern and your help but you don’t know me all that well and it would be weird for me but maybe later” I said hugging her which I could tell caught her off guard. “Okay I’ll see you later then” she turned and walked away. “Ariel” I smiled at my name being called and saw Deanna, Tabitha, Rodney, Mike, Steven, Gabe, Zack, Rachel, and Jessica. Deanna who was five foot five was wearing her usual Anime themed outfit and her white wig and her fake gun and combat boots and the guy school uniform, but the thing was is she looked amazing dressed as a guy but those green eyes I knew all to well. Then there was Tabitha who stood at five foot four had long blonde hair and brown eyes, today she choose to wear her slipknot t-shirt and red and black mini-skirt and boots, Tabitha and Deanna were the closet thing to sisters I had. Then you had Rodney who stood at five foot nine and was mixed he was proof that all male wolfs were sexy we had been friends since elementary school he was wearing a long black trench coat and a System of a Down tee with black jeans and his signature Nikes. Mike and Steven were booth five foot nine and lanky. Mike was the guy you went to if you need anything, and Steven you went to if you wanted something on your car fixed. They were also twins and they had blonde hair and light blue eyes, Mike was dressed in his dad’s military uniform and combat boots, Steven was dressed in a Calcuta tee and a pair of light blue jeans. Gabe who was six foot two had jet black hair and beautiful brown eyes he was wearing his call of duty tee and black jeans with a blazer on with his black and white converses. His brother Zack was a pain he also had jet black hair but he had green eyes and he was wearing some red and black Tap out shirt with dark blue jeans and all black Nikes, the thing was they were both puerto rican. Now Rachel was the band geek but she was amazing and she had always been very quite but that was one of her many lovably qualities she had long brown hair and deep blue eyes she was wearing a short blue dress with black and red vans. One of my other pack mates was Jessica I loved her to death she was a Goth but that’s what made me like her even more she wasn’t afraid to be who she wanted to be even when the elders told her to wear something more girly and they looked to me to enforce it, I told her I didn’t care so long as she didn’t wear her Goth clothes to counsel. Today she was wearing a black top and a red corset and her long black skirt with her thigh high black boots. She had long black hair and blue eyes and a weird accent that no one has ever been able to place but me and my pack didn’t care. “Ariel have you seen Vladimir yet” Zack asked. “Yes and I’m not talking to him right now, so how is my pack finding everything?” they all smiled. “You can’t just not talk to him Ariel he’s your mate and our other soon to be alpha” Tabitha said, as she oh so loved to point out. “I don’t care what he’s supposed to be to me I didn’t choose him so I’m only going along with this until I find the courage to tell him” I said walking to my locker and my pack followed.

    Chapter 5

    “Tell who what my love” Vladimir said coming up behind me and kissing my neck and I just opened my locker as if nothing had happened. “Well maybe be your pack will give me a hint” he said releasing me and turning to my pack. “Well actually…..” Zack started and I shot him a look that said I’m your alpha and if you want to live to see another day you will shut up and he just drew his gaze away from mine and didn’t say a word. “Hey Vladimir are you going to come talk to your pack or are we just going to have to guess about everything that’s about to happen in this school” I didn’t have to look from Zack to know who it was that spoke and I had to stop a growl before it left my throat “get him away from me Vladimir” I snarled. “Oh come now princess you should be nicer to me” he said. “I’ll be nicer to you Daniel when you grow a pair, don’t lie, or can finally take a hint so leave now or I’m pretty sure Tabitha would be happy to kill you for me” I smiled and went back to putting my books in my locker. “You know you can’t do that I’m Vladimir’s right hand man” “well he does have a third in command so I’m pretty sure Jonathan can take care of himself, I mean hell he’s a smart kid for Christ sake” I said slamming my locker. “Whose a smart kid” “you are apparently according to Ariel” Zack answered before I could. “you are I mean hell you’ve treated Rachel right for what like two years going on three. I think that’s a smart thing not to mention you’ve always made straight A’s no matter how long we were at a school and in a little bit of time. So I do think you’re pretty smart.” I said putting my book back in my bag. And started to walk off when I heard a whistle and I smiled to myself as my heart skipped a beat. “Ariel” I turned around in time to see him running to me and snarl at my pack to let the human through “don’t you dare try to kill him not here not now he only wants to talk to me, so heel NOW!!!!” I said in there minds and they all just looked at me confused. He finally came up beside me and hugged me and I heard a chorus of snarls as he did thankfully they were to low for him to hear them so I just glared at them and it stopped as early as it had began. “Muse what are you doing here” I whispered low as he pulled away and we started walking away together “I wanted to make sure you are okay” “Are you going to be okay Ariel?” “yes Rodney I’ll be fine but you need to keep the pack calm tell them that if he screws up he will be my kill not there’s, and if anyone tries they answer to me” “but” don’t you but me Rodney just do it okay” “are you pulling rank?” “No I’m just asking you, you know I could never bring myself to pull my rank (but little did I know)” “at once” “thank you” “no problem.” When I came back to reality I noticed that Muse was looking at me funny “what” “did you even hear me” he said smiling. I just giggled “no I’m afraid not.” “what time do you want me to pick you up” “for what” “that hurts you’ve already forgotten about the party” “oh that um you said it would be at the graveyard right” “yes” “um nine” “kool I’ll be at your house to pick you up at nine” he said smiling, and for some reason my face had gotten hot like I was blushing. “Okay now that we have that out of the way what’s your next class” “well aren’t you just the proper gentlemen, its Horticulture 1.” “Who me not even, I just want to hang out with you more.” I just smiled at him again “well at least you’re honest.” “Yeah well now off to your next class.” We walked down to the end of the hallway and turned right then made a sudden left, went a little further and then stopped in front of a class I guessed was mine I said “thanks” and kissed him on the check and smiled as he turned red. “Hey Ariel” I heard Paige’s voice “hi” Paige I said turning around and almost ran her over. “I’ll see you at lunch right?” Muse asked. “I don’t see why not” I said walking into the class and I could have sworn I saw him smile that half smile of his and I blushed when I turned around and saw Paige staring between me and Muse. “What” she just smiled at me “nothing” I smiled back “liar what.” “Does this mean Vladimir is available?” She asked teasing “I know you don’t know her that well, but I can almost promise you that’s none of your businesses.” A girl standing behind Paige said. “Dee I’m sorry about earlier but you know how it is; of course what y’all did was no better.” “I know and I apologize to you now” she said bowing and I just rolled my eyes.

    Chapter 6

    “Wait Ariel you know this freak?” Paige asked looking all grades of confused. “This FREAK knows Ariel a whole lot better than some sexually confused b***h that thinks she stood up for Ariel once and is now her best friend” Deanna growled. “Well at least I’m a true friend….” “Do not talk to me about True friend” “Ladies what’s going on here” AJ the Blood, pack leader walked up and I just backed up, you see AJ is an Alpha and I have always had a crush on him but I could never voice it both Dee and Tabitha had tried to help me get with him but then Vladimir announced his offer of proposal and my mother jumped at it and I told her no, but once again that whole “Mother knows best s**t happened” you’ll notice that a lot but I’m still with AJ a lot. I smiled “HI AJ” my voice was unstable which wasn’t normal for me I’m a Alpha too. Upon remembering this I stepped forward and looked into his piercing aquamarine eyes and said “how have you found the school” “come now princess you can do better than that Ariel cant you? He said raising his arms to me and moving forward and I smiled and walked forward and wrapped my arms around him and I almost lost it, I could feel the warmth of his body and his natural smell of the woods and lilac it was intoxicating, then I felt him shift his weight and he bent a little bit and whispered low in my ear “so are you going to the party?” “Yes” “awesome I guess I’ll see you there if I don’t see you anymore today” and we broke the hug. “Yeah maybe you will maybe you wont it depends on whose there” I thought. Next thing I know Paige was standing beside me and she looked like she wanted to tell me something but couldn’t. I whispered real low next to her ear “its okay I’ll explain it later” and she smile and nodded. “Okay class if you would be so kind to sit down next to somebody who will be your partner for the rest of the semester” and instantly AJ was sitting beside me and Dee and Paige were the only two un-paired then I heard Dee growl and I smiled at her “you two ladies will be partners, so would you please take a seat now so we can get started. “You’ve got to be kidding me. What the ******** did I do to piss Artimis off so badly” and then I let a snarl come deep within my throat and she just looked at me my smile completely gone now. “Don’t you dare blame this on Artimis she is a kind and loving goddesses so you just need to stop blaming everyone for your problems” “I’m sorry Ariel I forgot my place” she thought whining and then I heard a new voice “Earth to Ariel mind coming back and helping me understand this crap I mean I know you get it but I’m so lost right now” I looked over to AJ and smiled “if you want me to I could tooter you” “really I would greatly appreciate it” he said smiling at me as the smile reached his eyes and they sparkled. I just smiled and blushed “you know you are pretty cool to help me right” he said knowing how uncomfortable it made me he just looked at me, If I hadn’t been sitting down I would have fell, he had that way of looking at me that just made me melt like butter. “Okay class so first we will do an exercise to get to know everybody, I want you to stand and tell us something about yourself and show us if you can.” People started standing and giving their names by the time it was my turn I stood gave my name and said “my talent is drawing” “well Miss Helsing what are you going to draw for us?” the teacher asked “umm ah got it” I walked up to the board and started to draw and as I continued on the drawing it started to go in, and out my vision started to blur “Ariel are you okay?” Dee asked me then I got a vision of a man he was six two with pitch black hair and he wasn’t looking at me at first then he looked up and all I saw were his green eyes and then I heard his voice it was deep and controlling “you will be mine soon Ariel no matter what I have to put you or your pack through you will be mine” and then he was gone like a ghost when I came back to I was looking up at AJ but I wasn’t in class we were in the hallway and I was in his arms, I looked up at him “put me down” he just looked at me and smiled “are you sure” as much as I would have loved to just stay in his arms we were getting strange looks don’t get me wrong I don’t care what people think about us but I didn’t trust myself. “Yes I’m sure do it now” he let go of my legs and I stood up but he wouldn’t let got of my shoulders. “I heard what happened this morning with Vladimir” “okay and let me guess your going to tell what I did was wrong.” “No I was going to ask you if you had told him yet” “told him what” “ouch that hurt my love” “oh that no I haven’t told him yet” I said blushing “well you need to before I do” he said kissing me deeply I closed my eyes and kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck as he pushed me up against the wall and his hand moved my hair and he teasingly bit my neck and sucked on it a little and I moaned just a little. “AJ stop.” “Do you really want me to?” “you know I don’t……” but before I could answer him completely the guy showed back up “Ariel you will be mine alone and completely” but this time I managed to ask him “who are you?” “I’m one of Dracula’s descendents and I’m a hybrid which means I’m twice as powerful as your kind and your mother already knows what’s coming” he replied “my mother” and then the image started to go blurry as I heard AJ calling my name “Ariel my love come back to me” I opened my eyes when he gently placed his hand on the side of my face I smiled as I felt the warmth. I smiled at him, and I saw the terror fade away. “You need to stop doing that” he said. “No what I need to is go see the counsel” I said. “Yes because the counsel so sees someone who is not high up without an appointment or it’s not a state of emergency” he said sarcastically as he helped me sit up against the wall. “I know this but this guy I feel like I know him from somewhere” I said thinking hard about it. “Well what does he look like?” AJ said. “He looks about six two with pitch black hair, and his eyes they are a disarmingly beautiful green, he is gorgeous and he says that I will be his no matter what he has to do to me or my pack” I said pissed off just thinking about it. “Do you know his name by any chance?” “No but I feel like it should be Schnider I don’t know why but I do” I said trying to get up. “Oh no you’re not getting up or going anywhere but home and I’m taking you” AJ said like the conversation was over. Before I could object he was looking in my messenger bag looking for my keys, I just looked at him and smiled and that was the last thing I remember before the man came back. “Sweet Sweet Ariel your father was a fool for thinking he could keep you from me” “Who are you” “me I’m Lucian and I’m coming for you soon” he said walking over to me and circling me. “My how you’ve grown I was right to wait all these years for you to grow up but your father should have just let me take you when you were born” he said whispering in my ear. “Why?” “Why what Ariel” “why do you keep bringing up my father” I said trying to move but couldn’t. “because he tried to stop me and failed I just went to sleep for a long time that was all, but now that you know he failed you have one option and that’s to marry me or I will kill your pack and everyone else you have ever cared about, got it” he said kissing me, and I bite him. “Oh feisty I might just have to break you” he said smiling. “I would like to see you try I am a warrior and a wolf I bow to no one and I only follow the orders of our clan leaders, so I wish you the best of luck getting to me or my pack” I snarled. “Ariel!!!, Ariel!!!, Ariel come on were here time to come back to me” I heard a faint voice. “It looks like this meeting is over for now” Lucian said and then he was gone. My eyes shot open and my claws and fangs had extended “whoa calm down Ariel” then I realized I was home and it was AJ who was talking to me. “Ariel just breathe okay, please” he said looking truly terrified and he never looked at me like that when I went wolf so something must have changed. I tried to slow my breathing and willed my fangs to retract and then I looked at my hands and tried to get my claws to go away and it failed for like the first two minutes and then finally they went away. “Okay now that you’re calm I’m going to take you inside and your going to lay down okay” he said looking at me debating as if to say something or not. “Are you going to ………” “Before you say anything I’m not letting you out of my sight I already grabbed my bag and everything” I just sat there smiling at him “what” he said as his face started to turn red. “I know you have my phone can I get please” I said holding out my hand and then my other one so he could take the house keys. “Okay I’ll go unlock the door but you better not leave this spot” he said taking the house key and getting out. “Okay I need to hurry up before this gets back to Vladimir or AJ figures out what I’m doing” I thought as AJ went into the house, I got out of the truck and went to the woods and called Vladimir he picked up on the first ring “Hello Ariel is that you” he almost sounded worried I smiled. “Vladimir were done okay” I said and was about to hang up the phone “you can’t just dump me I will have your packs life” he yelled “if you think you will be able to come anywhere near my pack you are sadly mistaken” I yelled into the phone. Then I heard the front door open and heard AJ yelling my name. “s**t” I thought “who is that” Vladimir said and I could tell he was about to loose it “that’s none of your business” “Ariel” “is that AJ? Is he the reason?” “No it’s not and even if it was I wouldn’t tell you so good bye.” And I hung up the phone right before AJ came into the clearing. “I told you not to leave the car” AJ said as he walked up to me. “You know I’m hard…..” and then he kissed me, I closed my eyes and kissed him back and we both fell on the grass and he pulled back and smiled at me. “You are such a….” And he kissed me again then he pulled back and smiled at me again. “Are you going to…..” and he tried for a third time and I threw him across the clearing “do that every time I try to talk to you” when he came out of the clearing I smiled as he looked at me, and I saw it coming before he did it, he changed into his wolf form which was all black with blue eyes, I smiled and I turned into my silver wolf. “You really want to do this?” he thought as he smiled “are you sure” I replied as he came barreling towards me at full speed and I just dodged him “we haven’t done this in forever” he thought. “Yeah I wonder why, Oh I know it’s because your always busy” I thought going after his hind flank, he howled as I latched on, and he went for my now exposed throat and I released his hind flank as I saw it coming, I took off up a tree and smiled as he tried to follow “okay that’s not fair and you know it” “so what’s your point” I said lying down “fine remember you made me do this” he smiled as his paws started to caught on fire and the wind changed directions and came towards the clearing. “s**t really your going to cheat” I thought to him as I gathered my water and hell fire. “You don’t want to do this” “I’m pretty sure I do” he thought as he rammed the tree and his fur started to move like fire then he noticed the tree didn’t caught on fire like it should have and I smiled “guess who can control the earth element” I said laughing in his mind. “You b***h” he yelled back “yes but you love this b***h” I said watching him as he disappeared, and he became eye level with me because he was floating on air. I took the moister in the air and turned it to ice and smiled as he began to fall and I followed him down and when he hit the ground I covered my muzzle in water and bit his throat, and he just growled, and I smiled and changed back into a human and kissed him as he changed back we both just smiled at each other as we pulled out of the kiss “I told him” I whispered and I rolled off of him and laid next to him “you told who” he asked confused. “Vladimir I told him that I was done dealing with him and his bullshit, of course he got pissed and threatened my pack and I told him to ******** go himself so he’s a little pissed now that I’ve broken off our engagement, so I Imagine him coming over after school and telling my mother and she’ll tell him I wasn’t in my right mind and ground me until the day I’m to wed and then tonight Muse will come get me and I’ll have to be outside waiting for him” and then I stopped talking because I saw AJ’s eyes at the mention of the human who brought me to class “he’s taking you where?” “To the party tonight he’s hosting it, so he asked me if he could take me so I said sure so calm down” I said biting his neck and watched as he closed his eyes out of pleasure then he smiled at me. “Trust me you have nothing to worry about” I said getting up and walking to the house, and he followed after me and grabbed my hand and we opened the door and went up the stairs to my room and I laid on my bed and he curled up beside me and I set my alarm for six I rolled over and looked dead at him and smiled as I started to dose.