• Between The Eyes.

    “I haven’t seen her around for a while…” I ask, my oddly haired friend pondering on his own reply. “I wonder where she could be…” leaning back onto the solid metal bars, the coldness unable to penetrate my thick jacket. Letting out a warm breath, the air condenses into a thin mist before disappearing.

    Just like her.

    To appear suddenly, allowing time to wonder and question just before disappearing into the surrounding air- you can only hope that if it appears again, that it would be the same.
    “Probably away from you.” My friend comments, leaning onto the bars across me, drawing a drag from his cigar. The bright city lights illuminating the darkness of the night, you can hear the sounds of cars down fifty feet below, brushing past each other in hopes of reaching their destination.

    “She did say that you scared her- not that I blame her.” Throwing him an annoyed glare, I turn to face the scene behind me; a dark desolate emptiness. Fields as far as the eye could see, the overlapping folds of green, a single train track splitting the scene. It’s more than a difference, a contrast to the other side.

    “I’m not creepy.” I begin, I can feel his eyebrows raise from behind me. Resting my head on the metal bar, my cheek slowly numbing at the sensation, I quickly reply “I’m just eccentric.” A slow tap of footsteps approach me before stopping. He leans over the same bar, a cloud of smoke expelling from his mouth. “Eccentric isn’t the word, buddy.” His semi-long hair falling over his face, I can’t read his expression- though it’s probably as blank as a sheet.

    It never changes.

    Sighing, I lean on my elbows, looking down on the large drop below. “Do you think it would end…? If I…?” Feeling like an angst filled and over drugged teenager, I question hoping that I worry him. He flinches slightly, he painfully turns towards me- so slowly that I become a little tense myself. My muscles stiffening slightly, preparing for a verbal onslaught to begin. With an annoyed gleam in his eye, he jabs my arm, pushing me away from the edge. “Please. If you did that, I doubt things will end.” With a glare on his face he continues to scold me; “I don’t think that she’ll be very impressed either.”

    I burst out laughing, kneeling as I hold my stomach in mild pain. He thought I was seriously going to waste my god given talents by dying?! He’s too entertaining… He only scoffs, his face twisting into one of heated anger, he briskly walks past me to the exit. “Go screw yourself!” He yells, his long coat following behind him.

    Calming down, I let out a heavy sigh, a grin adorning my face. Dusting off my jeans and coat, I walk over to my previous spot. He was never the type to handle such heavy thoughts… but he did react- so I suppose I made some progress. Grabbing my phone from my back pocket, I flip it open and hold 1- the tones play and I can hear the familiar beeps. Beep… Beep… Bee-“Hello?” A distorted voice rings.

    “Target acquired. Ryoji Nakamara. He’s like a crocodile, he has a tough surface… aim between the eyes.”

    Some things are meant to be.