• For the last couple of days, I've been talking to this guy I met online. The meeting place was strange, but nonetheless it was Chatroulette. Most people would laugh and think the most irrational thoughts possible when they hear that somebody has met another person on that site. It's the reserve for geezers with long, unruly happy trails and pot bellies. However, this guy was different.

    Now normally I never give anybody the time of day on these kind of sites. And why should I? The only thing on their minds when they log on is how many girls they can fool into flashing them-- ick. But this guy, oh man, this guy was different. His dirty blond curls slicked back into a sorta "Grease lighting" feel and his pale skin serving as the perfect reflector for the table lamp that sat on his desk. He didn't really smile at first, and he had one of his hands placed on his chin, as if he were taking in my image. "Oh, God..." I could feel myself reaching for the next button, "Another stuck up British type with nothing better to do but harass girls..." I began to reach for the button. Then suddenly, he started typing. It was the most typical line you could ever expect from a guy on a site like this, yet...for some reason it seemed to mean so much more from him. "Oi, hi beautiful". That was it. A simple, three word sentence and now here I am drowning in affection for the kid.

    His name was Robert. He was a year older than me, and he had crystal blue eyes. He kept one of his hands somewhere near his face at all times, and he threw a compliment my way every so often. His accent was typical of that area, as well as his attire. I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised. Here's a guy that really thinks with his brain and not his bulge-- huh. And here I am, with my matted curls and make-up ran down from the long day I've just endured. Yet no matter what I did, he still thought I was the most beautiful thing that had ever graced his sight. We chatted, and found out that we had many things in common. I could feel my pitiful girly spirit falling for him.

    It's currently been two months, and we're constantly talking to each other about how our days have gone or what we do on our side of the woods. We haven't talked about too many romantical things, mostly just filler conversation. Since we live on two different sides of the world, I haven't been able to talk to him much. He would have to stay up until at least midnight if he wanted to get a traditional conversation! It isn't fun to say the least, but I do enjoy the few moments that I get to have with him. Maybe soon we'll talk about actually meeting? But for now, I'm perfectly content with the late night skyping!