• Though I was making a game with a special type of program or interface rather - (not listing it). I thought to myself, write a story. I typed this with my own hands and it is not AI made. Compare it with life. And see. Truth is I did not expect it to be so long. Yet, this turned into a great sermon and a definition of why one is a believer on faith. It is unknown the consequence to the truth, yet there is peace in my soul to live and observe as others as I had studied life. Out of my bounds in a world that lost its history or holds forth mighty arms to blame, there is peace in me. Maybe even memory near me strong. - I am imperfect compared to the world, yet I shall always acknowledge something greater than a vast domain. In a conflicting world, there is one God I believe in. Some may say, do you believe in two and that is a contradiction aside from the heredity of its persona. It was that which determines and preserves the life and fought with my ego in times of purity reasons. Is why I pray for peace and others of hatred understand more, yet devalue the living of those beyond my vision.

    In the land of The Far East, beyond His vision of younger era kingdoms rest a LORD. Or perhaps was the memory to awaken knowing everything about life from observation to that of sustainability and paradox from within the heart to the foundations. It referring to the conscience was known as the Ancient One, a supreme compassion and manifest. The world understood not hence the coming of days nor does the one who witnessed knows all accounts of eras. And so did darkness growing of doubt and old turn generations with heavens and earth to dust. Proving thus, the vitality others grew without. Many had forgotten because of the grips of suffering chains from captors as the great Beast and thus persecutors of their fellows. To the life's pride victorious, it of virtue is clearly found more of the soul. Thus, those of faith stood against the darkness , to also commit personal studies to influence to vice. As others lived their regular lives tormented or proofs unto the reality and seeing the sicknesses of nature in-acted as dogmatism to that of idealistic idolatry and dominance. The faith at odds on the relation of proofs, proved deceptive to the man but accepting of the cultures to persecute.

    Mockery in-sued in the greatest of much, till it awaken again or vital destruction of the peoples stir. Not to manipulate the life or the source of vitality preserved, but insert itself great love and defining natural birth among cursed natures prone to what is biological to the type. It being of entity and mankind defines prophecy in modern writes a witness of that life, who saw not so the end, yet his proofs before him were clearly visible in the beginning of ones existence on earth to grow aware. Though, making not the journey leads to a repeat of sorrows or mistakes to inherit unless it is the purpose of that which makes the one aware to submit to the plans or systematic in store for us. As such was a start to a new dawn over the shadows of death. Thus, the writer's tale. To redefine clearly what was proven in times of old to that of the new. The book which deepens from fantasy to the actuality of others who went through trial was history chains. He tells his story or a concept of the life paraphrased. Though without a calling, one cannot walk in the steps of the greatest ancestors. They would expect the life rather than pursue, and it would not come unto thee. In such questions define the mortality and need for mankind for which others as the self are not worthy of perfection and purity. Yet, being of new creatures to it, we are refined and blessed to acknowledge with everlasting love in our hearts that pines for a greater purpose to encounter. We live to see the dawn and there is greater than this from life's eternal pain, to that of which live onward relative forever limitless and captivating to those of power and the overarching truths. For I have observed and what is my delight and witness? States forth to live onward and later know that which we had sown into our own being. What was Crossel, or a cross-like experience by Yeshua, or the Jesus, to that of others before and after, is not the death only, but a life unto thee resurrected; as I to see wickedness die, but grow of old with a generational reset or new beginning.

    Disregarding such is the fact that the judges or first died, to those also punishable by the wrongs of death. Thus, without such, live not the chaos, or its order of much the life unto we. Saved through the deeds of us to the first, write unto we the inheritable seeds and chronologies as long as the order of GOD commence and foretold by ancient rites to pardons. The majesty is the witness of his grace at the stance of an execution hand and magistrate power which stabilizes the core of the world, the heavens, and systematic order of the universe to its domains' expanses. The truth of a creator is made manifest for the rites of the ancient tribulations and the mysticism to thoughts and conduct of ancient way. Live modernly the life, though as the ancient way fades, in modern, the LORD protected GOD-like or a vessel to more of the memories of our LORD.

    As I paraphrase the book, with overdue diligence to understand and not manipulate the written to spoken truth, or vice, I will discover the actual truth to the realistic boundaries of the scriptures for which I as well was taught since the growth and change of foundations. It is proven as one lives and defines their truth. Hence, to study and live the truth, is proven better than lies and immortality or powers to wrongs conducted by immorality. Whereas, the living one can learn and not know all, they be fully satisfied not so but justified in love greater than understood but admirable the spirit to the man and that which also was flesh before the self of what it became; or hence, where from it descended.

    The Spirit said to me or these were my thoughts - "I am not worthy, but hopefully well done my good and faithful servant as it looks onward from me in sadness. That being a vision which fades yet is proven. A friend unto the LORD. For you are begotten by me beloved that had admitted and sacrificed your wickedness and sin for the goodness of thine health and heart unto GOD thus bringing the righteousness glory - admitting all besides that which you have kept secret or trying to act with not wrong in life intentionally to personal relations."

    Put forth thine compassion true In the world of much that develops and does not preserve or tries to dictate the life in growth unless caring. It is finite and immense with chaos, though the LORD preserve those and expands the earth to heavens for glory enriched by the holiest and righteous of namesakes to the conduits of His creation and restoration as so much as to those who acknowledge peace with GOD putting him first in their heart with genuine soul.

    Shall family and friends deny thee and people forsake life, but the truth and love of one rest in secret with the LORD our GOD and those who have preserve unto thee the biblical lessons of modern day to centuries' past. Lessons we as mankind should comprehend yet others grow up with violence in their soul or mistreat others to manipulate. A shell forms a heart from the shadow of conscience, or else it has no emotion to servitude of hatred towards GOD. Yet who to turn to is not to blame. Though bound by the lies to action to disprove which is the shadow, GOD being an opposite attribute is bound by truth, and mankind their oath to justified not so with excuse but righteous living unless the LORD stated differently in order to defend oneself. For we each are part of GOD.

    This is the story basis from the perspective of the West, or mirror of the Gentile nations, to that of a Jewish soul and Christian believer, rather than the East, knowing for centuries each sense of time was lost and others moved on from struggles of war and faith to how much established itself on principles of law and natural order. Proofs of relevance define the historical order of God and some of the books in chronological form to that of others who wrote it. The sources are not listed in order, but there are references to compare the generational breakdowns.

    Scattered with the preservation by the holiest of monks and the church, the citizen has a chance to recognize a timeline to that of find peace with GOD. With that of nations persecuting a people, GOD has not forgotten the promises made and kept them true, even passed the death to the point mankind makes decisions. The cultures fade or grow, but stability rest in both halves of the world to that far where history was established to be protected that others try to persecute. And truth to memories of the GOD are eternal and flow through the hearts of mankind.

    From past to modern day and centuries later, the histories of others collide or reflect on biblical origins to advancements of civilization. To inherit its chance to live were of others who called upon the Western defense and adaptation of civil to sovereign culture. Though others grew up on a land discovered by the world and inherit the blessings of their counterparts to that of which was many and those farther than the Mideast has blamed.

    The faith of God, in reverse order moved out to be established from those of a free land ruled from the East to far. Knowing thus, growing up people value not the teaching of the LORD, so the truth is watered down to their ears to make them also understand.

    A peaceful people, of a sovereign land went out and protect the lands of each to establish a security for the national world. In a society to much that establishes faith reasoning to grow people seek peace over the conduits of wickedness and elder grudges. These were your persecuted explorers and teachers depending on the basis of their vision for God and life. Though ruled by thoughts the world with violence, true law is established righteously by many councils who seek the purest virtue and not ruled by the corporate to theft of their hearts and other people's effort to gain.

    And others shall live life according to the promise and the way they grow. What a man determines about existence to acknowledge shows what truth to compassion one has for the LORD and that of many though others act with cause to predetermine results.