• Amber logged off of Gaia and shut the computer down. "Well, Get ready." She said putting on her shoes. It was 2:00 A.M. in the morning and we were prepareing to find something fun to do. I don't mean vandilism. Nor did we want to break into someone's house and steal their belongings. We just needed a break from our normal life.
    Like any small town the curfew here was 9:00 P.M. I searched through my closet and found a black hoodie. I sliped it on and started tyeing the laces of my shoes. We turned off the lights in my room and slowly crept out of my room. My brother was asleep in the room next to mine. I could hear his snoring through the walls. We walked slowly through the living room, careful not to step in the doorway of the kitchen, for that would wake up my parents with the creak of the floor. We walked to the sliding door. and opened it slowly so the wheels would not squeek. Once the door was shut behind us when we were outside on my deck we were free.
    We walked down the steps and walked twards the gate. We opened it and walked out of the yard. We quickly turned into my neighbors yard and walked to the alley. We walked to the elementary school. When we were crossing the bridge, a cop car slowly drove twards us. We quickly dove into the nearest bush and held our breath. After it was gone we started walking again. We made it to the little trailer park wich was across the street from the school. We went past a small trailer with three small dogs in the yard wich instantly started barking at us. We ran behind a large tree just in time for the owner of the trailer to come out and bring the dogs inside. We stayed behind the tree for another minuet before we left. We quickly ran through the rest of the trailer park and did not stop untill we were at the school. I ran twards the swings and was just about to get on when i saw a man and a woman walking twards where we were. I told Amber to duck behind a slide and I crouched next to her. It was just a couple with a stroller. They turned the corner and were gone. After playing in the play ground for a few more minuets we left. This time there were no cops or barking dogs. We were back at my house and fell asleep.