• GAY: Used to be used when someone is extremely happy. Now it's used when two dudes like each other, have a sexual relationship, or try to get married. Some of them like to be called gay, others don't. Some are obviously gay and others not really. Note: This tends to suck for girls because all the hot guys seem to be gay and the best freind that they've known forever and they think they just might love...just came out of the closet. redface

    LESBIAN: Somewhere out there was a story of this island called Lesbos that was straight up women. People wondered how all of these women survived and how there was so many of them. Someone said that they slept with each other and that's how babies were made because you know...uh...all guys do is help you know...determine the sex and stuff... But they also said, maybe there were men and they just used them to create more girls and then slowly killed them off or whatever for the perfect ALL WOMEN SOCIETY...And from all this nonsense was born the word lesbian as in: you like girls, you wanna have some kind of sex with them, and you might wanna marry them is you are a girl. Note: this kinda sucks if you are a dude and all the hot chicks seem to like each other. And that all women society thing...yeah...good if your someone who can stand women which I really can't outside of my close circle of friends that are girls... 4laugh

    BI: Short for bisexual. This is when you have no friggin' idea whether you like girls more or boys more, so you chose to like both. I tend to like to think that by being bi, one opens up the horizens a little bit more so as they can find the right person for them. It can also be extremely confusing because if you are a girl and end up with a guy...are you now straight? Or if you end up with another girl...are you now a lesbian? Or are you still bi? Same goes for guys... neutral

    STRAIGHT: Term used for those of us who like the opposite sex...aka boys like girls and girls like boys. Supposedly. Comes from apperently going in the "right" direction by liking someone who doesn't have the same...er..."equipment"...as yourself. Probably the hardest sexual orientation to hold onto because there's always that one person out there that wants to accuse you of lying and say that you're gay or lesbian. cool

    CONFUSED: Then there's the other group of people who have no idea what they like and just wish that they could go back to the good old days when everyone had cooties. Maybe one day they like girls and the next they like boys and everything just seems wrong and twisted and they have NO IDEA WHAT THEY WANT!! This, is where I come in. gonk

    Some people are judged cruelly about the people or type of person they like. They're judged just because someone put an unfair label on them. The more "traditional" people think that they are justified in doing this, and in reality they aren't. They think they're putting the "freaks" in their place, but they're really just hurting them which after all was probably the real point. talk2hand

    I'm just here to say, that this isn't right and people should be allowed to like whoever the hell they want to because it's their right. I, personally, don't care what your sexual orientation is, as long as you're a cool person (a.k.a not a jerk) we'll get along fine. wink