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    Welcome Ladies n Gentleman, Boys n Girls. You have come across a tale of which is unspoken of. This is the tale of the Fire Goddess. A innocent little girl whose soul was replaced by none other than the fire god's soul itself. The night that star fell, was the night when her life, was completely changed,..........forever. I expect you all have questions, well lets open these pages and answer them.....Here we go.

    On a warm autumn night, a night where the stars were a blaze of firey orange, the river reflected the stars new light, the river looked as if lamps and candles had been placed on the river. The river, carried the stars along elegantly, until...each little star's orange sparks had faded. As the last little flame of a star returned to its old silver self embedded in the Saturn sky, the Fire Goddess had died. At that very same moment there came a scream of pain from in the house and the sky. It was hard to tell where the scream was coming from. The answer soon came.

    There was two screams. One came from the sky, if you looked up you would see a bright blaze, more brighter than the sun, it was moving fast gaining speed at such a quick pace it was very big but as it fell it turnt from silver to amber to red. The other scream was, well, more of a, baby scream. Next to the river was a house, in which a woman was giving birth to a little baby girl. The baby girl had the most unusual characteristics. She had golden hair that was so soft and fare as she twisted her little head it would flick, her eyes were a deep caramel colour of which seemed to spark and glow when you looked at them. The baby also had a few little faded, reddish, freckles on her little cheeks. As the baby was being born, the other screaming object had came at such a quick pace, nobody could really see it. The object had landed inside a field at the source of the river. The object was still glowing a firey red, then as a four drips of water, dropped elegantly onto the object, the colour died down. As it lay there you could see that it was a fallen star.

    Suddenly, at that moment a flash of bright light was drawn from the star, the rays were so strong, that even if you closed your eyes it would still burn your eyes. As the light shut off, the mums arm dropped to the pillow, heads were lowered and the only noise there was, was the cry of a baby. The star suddenly burst open and out of it slowly and peaceful, a golden flame danced so gracefully around the field, it was a dazzling sight, like a snake it glided towards the house, as swirled and swished gracefully between the fields it came to the bridge. It swirled its curls and weaved in and out of the poles that belonged to the bridge, until, it finally came to the pathway, leading up to the house.