• There was this little girl who was always at the park, and she watched everyone that walked pass her. She was wearing old tattered clothing and seemed as if she was homeless. And she was, the sad part of this story is that she was strange to everyone but me. So, one day I came up to that little girl and gave her smile to let her know that it was ok, that I was trying to help her. As she got my signal I came up very calmly and sat down right beside her. And said, "Little girl why are so sad," and she replied back the next minute, "Because I'm different and no one likes me." Then I told that little girl that's ok to be different. "Little girl you remind me of an angel, an angel that sent down to watch over all these people," I said to her as if a mother would say to a little child. She smiled, "Really? I never thought of that way as myself but I just wanna fit in and be who I want to be, I want to be like other people, but I guess being different is super good too!" She was smiling and tingling all over. As we sat there talking all day until I had to go. I will miss that girl, but I thought she would be there the next day. But she wasn't, but there was a card and a present with my name on it, she signed her named as -Cecilia heart

    A sad day at last I would never get to see that girl again she had moved all over the world and changed many lives. cry