• Once, there was a boy named Michael. Michael was very interested in technology, he wanted to be a tech guy one day. With all the LEGOs he had built and his massive brain power, he found his true calling, Inventing! After discovering that, Michael started to randomness... in a very odd way. soon after all that randomness, he started randomley saying "I AM THE LIZARD!". Not soon after he discovered he was! To be continued cause my mom's gonna kill me if my computer isn't off!

    EDIT: Back today. After discovering he was, he had gone to summer camp (not much of a camp since a bus picks him up every monday-friday to come to a school). Once at the school, he met Tyler. Tyler was a 17 year old who was very interested in computers as well as being a nerd too, just like Michael. Tyler showed Michael "Video game parodies" of things such as Mario parodies, Sonic Parodies. Then The Viral Pig King was made a friend of The Lizard (The Viral Pig King is Tyler). They both had fun times, but the camp ended not soon. As we end the story since there is much more to say yet, and The Lizard shall only take over whenever angry enough, I get angry often so The Lizard almost is me.