• Pat calls Hannah on his cellphone, while driving. Hannah answers*
    Hannah: Hello
    Pat: Will you go out with me?
    Hannah: Yes. Pat I will go out with you. *Happy*
    *Pat says in his head yes!*
    Pat: So do you want to go out tonight and see a movie?
    Hannah: Sure, what time?
    Pat: Um, is 7 alright?
    Hannah: Yeah, see you than.
    Pat: Ok,see you at 7. Bye
    Hannah: Bye

    After they hang up, Hannah calls all of her friends and tell them that her and Pat are going out. Pat calls his friends and they can't believe that she said yes. Now its 2 hours before the date, Hannah is freaking out,because she doesnt know what to wear. Pat is nervouse because he really likes her and he doesnt want to mess this up. Hannah had to call one of her girl friends and have her come over to help her get ready. Pat didnt need any help, but he asked his sister Shelby what movie he should take Hannah too. Shelby didnt know any good movies, so she gussed one. I Love Her.

    Pat has arrived at Hannah's House 20 minutes later

    Hannah yells downstairs to tell her mom to get the door.
    Her mother answers the door and offers Pat to come in and sit down on the couch till Hannah comes down. He waits there for atleast five minutes.
    Hannah comes down and Marjorie comes downstaris too. Marjorie is Hannah's best friend. Pat couldnt how beautiful she looked.
    Pat: Wow, you look great.
    Hannah: *smiles* Thanks, you too.
    Hannah's mom: You two should be getting going, you dont want to miss the movie.
    Marjorie: Yeah, you want to get good seats.
    Hannah: Ok well bye mom.
    Marjorie: What about me?
    Hannah: Fine. Bye
    Marjorie: Thank you.

    On their way to the movie

    Pat: I love you.
    Hannah: What?
    Pat: I love you.
    Hannah: *smiles* I love you too.
    Pat: You do?
    Hannah: Yeah.

    They arrive at the movie's

    Pat: Two tickets for I Love her please.
    Teller: Ok, here are your tickets.
    Pat: Thanks.
    Teller: No problem.
    Pat: How much?

    Teller: Its free.
    Pat: What do you mean its free?
    Teller: She looks like a nice girl, so i'm gonna let you have this
    tickets for free. You just make sure you kiss her.
    Pat: Thanks. But when do I have to kiss her.
    Teller: When you talk her to her door.
    Pat: Ok, thanks for the tickets. * Yells to Hannah*

    After the movie on the ride home

    Hannah: That was good movie.
    Pat: Yeah, I know. I picked it, just because I love you.
    Hannah: Aw, thank you. I love you too.
    Pat: Well were at your house.
    Hannah: Yup.
    Pat: Can I walk you to your door?
    Hannah: That will be great.
    Pat: Ok.

    * Pat gets outs and runs to open Hannah's door for her.*
    Hannah: Thank you.
    Pat: No problem,my love.
    Hannah: *smiles*
    *Pat walks Hannah to door*

    Pat: Well goodnight.
    Hannah: Night.
    *Pat leans in to kiss her*
    * They Kiss*
    Pat: I love you.
    Hannah: I love you too.
    Pat: Night
    Hannah: Night.
    *Hannah walks in her house, and Pat drives home.*