• Jesus,

    You was The One, That took me from the depths of hell
    Look at the me now LORD, I'm doing pretty well
    From the Graces and Blessings, That You Bless me with
    But all I have to do, Was to given You my Faith
    And I know LORD in my Heart, That I'll be good
    Putting me through the struggles, And I finally understood
    Coz whatever didn't kill me, Only made me stronger
    And I know that I can hold on, For a little a bit longer
    Before the Word LORD is hard to define, But the Armor of GOD
    That I'll be found with the L.O.R making who with the D.
    Is to give the sign to set my soul free, Coz I know with You
    There'll be no struggles, I'll be living my Life according to the Bible
    And I know LORD that I'm Forgiven, And I know I got a spot in a place called Heaven
    Heaven and Earth is where we belong, GOD give us One Life so start to get along
    We already have so many troubles to deal with, So I looked to the Heavens to find and stay with
    In case that you're in trouble, Just remember a Good Verse in the Bible
    Every time I close my eyes I see Your face, And every time I open I see Your place
    Then in my side I saw I fierce to look, And am I honest enough to accept the Truth
    Oh what's up? As I am and that's being me, That I let others see me like me
    When anybody comes along and everything's wrong, I offer myself to GOD
    And Grace the Love, Well In fact I used to admit a lot
    For sure I'll be Forgiven from the LORD above
    LORD I know I'll never gonna be perfect
    But I'm still great for what I'm sticking with, So I know that you got my back
    When no one else does, When no one was there, you saw me where you was
    So here I am I stand before You, A weekend version of Your Reflection begging for the Ressurection
    And need Your Correction LORD, I know that I was wrong
    And in Your eyes I could tell that I was so wrong, I'm begging for Forgiveness
    That I know I'm worthless, And I know I shouldn't be doing this but GOD
    I need that Love that You gave to me, Filling me in and setting me free
    And if You want from me, Is to bring your people to You
    My only regret is what I can't do it, Except You LORD
    Many flaming arrows tried to shoot at me, But with the shield of Faith
    None of that hit me, Coz I know the LORD is working into my Heart
    Developing my life or better restart, Using GOD's Armor I could never be touched
    And this ugly devil can't do any much, And such making me sin again
    And I'm telling you now go I demand, Coz now GOD with the full Armor of GOD
    Protecting me and Holding me from doing all that
    Receiving GOD in my Life
    Is the biggest information, That I know about the reckon of the Ressurection
    Coz as You can see GOD saved me, He let the person that I should be
    Coz mistakes goes wrong doing that I did before, That ain't going happen
    Coz GOD made me whole
    Before I was wrong I'm beginning to change
    Never thought the LORD would look in my life free rearrange
    Living in the LORD and having a strong Faith, He'll turn your Life around
    Coz You know He's The Great, LORD Almighty we know You're The Best
    In through Your eyes, That devil''s so fast
    He can't touch me and He can't fool me, Coz I know I have Your Armor is on my body
    Every time we were down You're The One, Who picks us up
    Just to serve You, Until our breathe stops
    And then one stop LORD, Until we see You face to face
    You given us everything with especially Your Glory and Grace
    Glory and Grace is what you've given to us, You're the Mighty GOD, LORD that's indeed
    And we're not saying that bcoz we need You now, Coz without You LORD, we'll still be down