• When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home. Paul Newman was pretty tough looking. He reminded me of part of the gang. They're all tough lookin' though. Both tough's. Tuff as in cool looking and tough as in muscles and builds. Most of the greasers are like that. I yawned before I started my long walk home.
    I noticed that most girls in the movies are like really clean and beautiful. They wear the perfect amount of make-up and nice dressy clothes. Kind of like the socs. I can except what I have. I have my own style, dirty blond hair, mean stare (b***h stare), my own ways of applying make-up, and that's better then most greaser girls can say. I've come closer to the gang then most greaser girls. Most of the guys rant their asses off about how they wear
    way to much eye make-up and swear too much. I can't say I don't have a swearing problem 'cause I do, but I try not to swear too much around the guys. They don't care too much for it. When I do go out I want to match my steriotype to show the soc girls that we stick together.
    We get a little more catty than the soc girls . . . That's an abbreiviation for 'Socials'. They suck major a**. I spotted Ponyboy up ahead.
    "Aye, Pony! Wait up!" I called out, raising my hand by my mouth.
    He turned to look behind him as I ran up, my breath chilly and my heart racing.
    "Hey Megalu." He said calmly. We started walking slower so I could catch my breath.
    "Hey, where'd you come from?" I asked, my breathing more regular.
    "The movie house. How 'bout you?" He asked akwardly, fidgeting a bit.
    See I dated him for a bit. We decided it wasn't the best idea so we broke up on both of our behaves. He would let deep thoughts slip out that I wasn't meant to here and I have a slight temper. Within relationships. We're just buddies now. That's cool.
    "I was there too! All the way in the back with Mags. Sorry if the popcorn disrupted your watching." I blushed.
    "Oh." he said and the walk became silent. I put my hands in my jean pockets as I heard, "GREASERS!" I jumped and Grabbed Pony's arm.
    The chapters in the book are longer.
    Oh well.
    You'll have to wait!