• Some people believe in love, and others think that its all a big sham used to make movies and give Disney Princesses something to sing about when they randomly break into song when their surrounded by little woodland creatures.

    Those who do not believe "love" is real say that there is no scientific proof that it really exists. Most of those people are the types that think if they cannot touch or see something it does not must not exist. However, is it possible to prove that an atom exists? Can they touch or see an atom? No. Then why is it in our science books? Can they touch or see other the center of the Earth? No. Then how do they know that the core of our planet is liquid hot magma?

    The people who KNOW, deep down in their souls that love is real, do not question it. They know that it is not something you find under a rock, or in a volcano. It is something only certain people will experience in their lives. Something you feel when you find that person that is so important to you that you do not care about how they look or how much money they have but because you know you'd die for them if you had to and that they s/he is the person you're living for.

    Why is it impossible for love to exist? If you do not have an answer to that question, you cannot argue with the idea that it does or does not truly exist.