• Questions Of The Bible

    Would we believe in God if we didn’t read the bible or get told of what he did or is? Would people just read the bible and think that they should devote their lives to him? Or blindly give into their faith and lay their lives to be at his feet. Many questions could come of this but my question is a bit different and the same. When I mean the Questions Of The Bible. I mean the bible its self. All its origins! Beliefs or titles, whom ever had written them. Everything that originated with it or of its self. What gives the people all around the world to believe in something, someone. But to not no in what.
    The different kinds of religions that would separate us or bring us together. Just because people don’t like others in a different religion doesn’t mean that they truly have a right to judge so cruelly. The debates and other remarks what could come of fighting for it when even if they don’t believe you do. It’s the choice of human kind. Every single one of you are special in your own way, and some are just different. With those that would except the difference of others can come to help keep the peace in the natural order. But with the others that react violently it could harm. If you guys relies this you could come op with beautiful things. We can not work together with out the two halves or in between. What separate’s us is who we are.
    For those scientists out their and their brilliant minds some of them wouldn’t believe in a religion because of science. The theory’s, hypothesis, and work it’s self could choose what path they would choose. The way earth was made or every living things reason of how it came. They could use science and figure it out. But not even the most complex of science could figure out the mysteries. The utter most questions and unknown answers. Some of it is just to be left unsaid.
    About my first question though. Would we believe in God if we didn’t know of him and his work? I believe it depends on what you believe in. Some say they could feel him. Hear his words of comfort. Or his touch on your shoulder with you; always watching over you.. Or the others that feel left out, or just don’t care. But he’s their. Just believing is a step of something I don’t even know. If your looking for answers to life’s mystery you should stop now. For it would only bring sadness, or joy depending on what you found. It’s another answer that should be left unsaid. In thought it would be hard to not believe in anything. Because it could torture you for not having a purpose. But life is at least one simple step that you could even hold onto.
    The joy of life is precious. Yet simple at the same time. Considering that it happens every second or minute of the day it happens all around us. But the death is a price for life that which we should treasure even if it may feel… deathening to your ears. To know both it could either strengthening you or destroying you slowly. It could be harsh sometimes but its worth it to at least live to your fullest extent no matter how much life throws at you. In other words the question I’m really asking this time is almost like life its self. Some how the bible is connected to us and our mysteries, and past. The history books may say when the bibles first came out but who knows it could have been before that time waiting to be written but was all ready said.