• I know I am one but guys piss me off, even myself most of the time. Guys are so lame when it comes to girls; all they worry about are looks and popularity. I have made my share of mistakes. Guys are not to leave all the blame on though; girls often set themselves up for it. They dress up in all their makeup and pretty/flashy clothes trying to get guys to notice their body. I guess what I'm trying to say is that everybody should be themselves more or less. Give off the impression you want and don't expect too much more. Girls dress up in flashy outfits to try to get the guys to notice them and then get upset when the guy only wants the body. That is a fault on both sides because the girl showed off the body (not what she wanted to be noticed for) and the guy only wanted the body (not what women are meant for).

    I try to not fall into the illusion of this, not to be like most men if you will. I do have a higher respect for women though I do share my pleasure in good looks.

    In fact I had a damn near perfect girl friend, great personality and despite what other people say super good looks. (mmm lol) She was my angle/flower... well, lets just say the most special and important thing to me. I screwed that up a while ago because I got lost in temptation. Thankfully she came to forgive me and we are still very close.
    She has a pretty good-looking sister, not top shelf but better than average. She is touchy about what people say about her looks. I don’t mean she gets mad if you call her ugly, in fact she would probably praise you for it, but more of the fact that she wants people to see past her good looks and realize she is alive. She has a great personality too but I still much prefer the one I used to be with (no offence).

    I have one other friend who refuses to be in a relationship because he says relationships at this point are immature and aren’t worth the trouble to keep up with. He's partially right. Some of them are slightly childish but a lot of them are definitely worth the trouble to make it last.

    I end this with a few words of wisdom...
    "Just be who you want to be and let other people know who the real you is"