• Love, a powerful word indeed. It is more so than powerful, but dangerous. Dangerous because, like any power, it gets taken for granted. A lot of relationships begin, and end, because of that word.
    Especially found in teenage (high school) years, I’ve witnessed that word get tossed around a lot. Guys only say it to make the girl happy so they can get something later; girls say it because they are partially ignorant. Now I'm not trying to be sexist and I'm far from an expert, but girls are to quick to run for commitment because they think the first boy they meet will be with them forever. I'm just stating my opinion. Now I don’t mean that all boys and girls think like that, I just mean that a lot of us are still a little immature in that area.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been some how involved with trouble and that word. Whether it's directly you or someone you know who's told you about their experiences. I can't say I've personally pressured to say it, but I know I almost messed up a relationship with someone because they got worried when I said it. I meant it but I'm not she knew that, as far as I knew she didn’t know what to think.
    Another close friend of mine, she was in a predicament. It was her boyfriend at the time, but after that things started to change. Yes it was special because it was a strong feeling to express, but it was too good to be true. He said he loved her (it was true), she said she loved him back (also true), but he became obsessive. He was so infatuated that he became pushy. He wanted to spend every day with her. She couldn't handle it. He eventually drove her away because of the idea of "love". Because those three words were exchanged, it placed the bar so high in that boys mind that he tried so hard to make things better that he actually made them worse. They are no longer together today.
    I once found myself in a position where I was infatuated with a beautiful girl. I met her at a party me and some friends were having at his house. I had a crush on her and later found out that she liked me too. After a few days of hanging out with her, my friend, and his girlfriend, he and his girlfriend finally convinced me to ask her out. I did that day and she actually told me that it was about time I said something because if I had waited any longer she would've asked me instead. Well I'm still not sure what was going on at the time, but we hardly hung out and she rarely answered the phone. We had finally talked one day, I had the intensions of breaking up, and she explained herself. She said that she was a little worried because she had never had these kinds of strong feelings for a guy before. I was a little flattered. Either way, I still wasn't completely convinced. We broke up, but we still remained good friends. A while later, homecoming night, I had asked her out again. I was pretty sure of it this time, I did want to be with her, to try again. She said yes and the night went on. Five months later, one day after Valentines Day (and our 5 month anniversary) it ended again. The reason why is because I'm an a*****e (not beating myself up, just saying). I guess it was for the better though because later down the line (after we were broken up) she found out that I cheated on her. She never forgave me, and I don’t blame her. We haven't talked since around February.
    Well I suppose that’s enough of story time. Basically what I’m trying to say is be careful. "I love you" is, for some too much, others nothing but words. Exchange those words when truly meant, not for selfish reasons.
    I have personally had my fair share of drama and mistakes. I decided to give up dating so I can focus on things that can't wait.
    I say to those of you who find "true love", congratulations. Cherish it because there are plenty of people out there who won't find it, or like me and aren't sure if it even exists at all.