• Chapter 3
    I was having another dream. I was walking through a muesuem, but no one saw me, but him. I had my escort Ms.Minager and i notice a young man following my every move. I smiled at him. He smiled at me. I blushed and then i pointed to a little room and i told Ms.Minager i had to use the bathroom. And then i woke up.
    Me: Did i fall asleep?
    Michael: No you were having a vision......of the past.
    Me:how is that possible and WHY WERE YOU IN IT?!
    Michael: Ill tell you when-
    Me: And where are John and Elizabeth??
    MIchael: WILL YOU LET ME EXPLAIN? We are NOT human. Do you understand??
    me: NO,yes, ummm........No i don't. i don't think i like not knowing!
    Michael: Were how should i say this.......vampires...... we've been together since the 1800's. You don't remember your childhood because you were in a different form....i'll tell you about that a little later......and your family doesn't like you because your mom and dad know that you aren't normal."
    then nothing i was blindfolded again and then when i woked up i was back in my room!
    At home
    HOW THE HELL AM I HOME! WHERE'S MICHAEL,ELIZABETH, AND JOHN! When i sat up on my bed i noticed that i was wearing my pajama shorts and tank top......but i was wearing a jacket and skinny jeans. MICHAEL CHANGED ME!!!
    My head spinned so fast ,but i was happy.Why was i so happy.Was it because someone finally reconsided me.
    Then i remember what Michael told me:
    " We are vampires and were married"
    I ran straight to my closet tripping over something and rumaged through it to find the box.
    When i finally found it i took out the photo and diary, since i never take off my locket i didn't need it to find it.
    This time i realized that I was the one next to Michael, John,and Elizabeth in the photo. The locket, when i tried to open it, opened. And inside was a key with wedding pictures in it of Michael and me. I quickly grabbed the key and the diary and went to my bed.
    When i glanced at the clock it read 12:30 pm! SCHOOL ALREADY STARTED! but of course no one notice me not leaving!.
    Anyway i went back to the diary and put the key in the locket.
    The first page read:
    Diary of Christnia Jackson

    The second page said:
    Dear diary,
    Today at the gallery i saw the ,most handsome boy.I smiled and him and he smiled at me. We went to the corner of the gallery. I left Ms.Minager wondering where i was, instead of the bathroom. The boys name was Michael Chasen, he was 16 as am i. He handed me a piece of paper with address and told me he would send for me one day. I can not wait to see him again!"
    Then it contunied through out the diary a story of Michael and Christnia.Which im guessing is Michael now and the me now. OH MY GOD MY HEAD HURTS!
    I went down stairs and found an empty house......or so i thought.