• Broken for m i k a - m i x

    To my closest friend,

    You and I we're closest of friends,
    Well at least in my mind we are,
    Thou call me names like "Stupid",
    Thy words cut deeper than any blade,
    I care for you but alas you push me away,
    I try to comfort you in times of need,
    But you push me away,
    I tell you my feelings,
    You say my feelings mean nothing,
    I look at you to make shure you're allright,
    But you call me a pervert for caring,

    For one last time ill say to you,
    I'll be carrying you all the way in the darkest times of your life,
    Just let me in your heart,
    and we may be set free....

    Broken and wandering forever,

    Asuka Uchimera