• you raise me up
    then tair me down
    my heart is whole
    and then its broken
    i am happy
    then im sad
    a bitter sweet

    i want to be with you
    but i cant
    and so im with you when i can
    when your single im your friend
    and when your taken
    im a nobody
    we stop talking and you pretend
    like you never
    had a single feeling for me
    and like were just aquatences

    but then all a sudden
    you miss me
    and now your single
    you want to see me
    act like nothing ever happened
    and never noticed
    i was ever gone
    you take my hand
    and sweet talk me
    into brushing off the whole thing
    i fall right into you little trap

    now your taken
    the trap caves in
    squishing my heart
    and the pain begins

    im a nobody once again
    and i dont want this feeling anymore
    the feeling like i was just played
    and at my expence
    your just fine
    but im not at all
    close to ok
    im as far from it
    as i could possibly be

    i cant take being your once in a while girl
    its not the way things should happen
    and i dont want this anymore
    but i cant seem to get away from this
    leash i feel i have
    and i can only go so far
    befor you pull me
    back into your game
    and the process starts all over again

    im finally ok,
    then you come my way
    i cave in
    and forgive you
    then you break my heart
    and the pain is back

    a circle
    i hate to repeat
    but something allways keeps me here
    waiting for things to come back around