• As Giult awoke she ran to her brother Gust's room. "GUST!!!" she yelled. "ITS CHRISMAS!!!!!" Gust looked up and said, "Giult...Its 1:30AM...." Giult looked at him and said, get your a** down stairs now. Gust bolted down. Gust looked at all the coal and quickly made some diamonds up. Giult ran around super happy. Sound, Jassi, Wiz, Sess, and Kiroro hearing the noise ran down stairs. Blitzcreak was flippin out. They all heaped in there share of diamonds. The parents came down to see Sound eating the tree. Sound looked over inoscently. Sess imeadiantly tackled him. The fooled around, as my father said looking at Sess's Saringan"ITS ONLY FUN TILL YOU LOSE YOUR EYE!!! THEN ITS JUST TASTY!!!" We all ran around trying to get our preasents for daddy. We heard a knock on the door and saw Erica!! She handed us preasents with her parents behind her smileing. Lilly looked more evil the usual...ANYWAYS, Gust had taken his gems to his room. Giult took hers to a shop, and the others ate thier's.