• I walked straitght ahead, searhing for her, looking to see if she was anywhere.
    I pulled out my phone again, and re-checked the message she sent me.
    "4:30 pm. The Park". I checked my watch. It was 4:25. I sighed and quickened my pace twords the playground. There she was. My heart skiped a beat, and started fluttering in my chest.
    "Hannah" I called, waving my hand twords her.
    She looked up, tears streaming down her face. They shone in the sunlight, making them easy to see. Oh no... I thought to myself, and ran up the playground.
    "Jason.." she choked out, and burst into fresh tears.
    I held her against my chest, letting her cry, buring my face in her hair, stroking her back gently.
    "It's okay. It's okay" I cooed, hoping to calm her down.
    "No it's not." she sobed. "I hate life Jason. I want it to stop. Make it stop!" she screamed, and I held her tighter. I knew how she felt, and why. Her life was horrible. Her mother hit's her, and her father sits around all day, drinking himself to death. She gets so much neglection, not enough love. But I love her.
    I really do. I try to love her everyday, every minute. I don't think se realises that, and it makes my heart cry.
    I held back tear's, as I listened to her cry. I didn't want the same thing to happen as last time.
    She tried killing herself.
    I thoughed I had lost her forever.
    It was the most horrible feeling I had ever felt. It made me sick just thinking about it now.
    I continued holding her, but she started pushing away.
    "I don't know if I can do this anymore Jason. I need it all to stop." she whispered.
    I stared at her with a blank expression on my face, and slowly started nodding.
    "I know you do, Hannah. But you can't. You know i'm always here for you, and you can come live with me and my parents, and i know Nathen would love to have you arou-"
    "Jason..." she cut me off. " I know. But. I just need time to think about it, okay?" she said, her gaze piercing into mine. I couldn't look away.
    "Okay" I said and let my arms fall from her body. She watched them fall to my sides, and then looked back up at me. Her eyes started glazing over with tears and one fell from the corner of her eye. I gentle wiped it away. I rested my forhead against her's, put my arms protectivly around her again.
    "I won't let anything hurt you, while i'm around, Hannah. " I whispered.
    She wimpered and nodded, letting me continue.
    "And do you know why?" I whispered
    "No" she answered, waiting.
    "Beacause..I...I love you." I said lifting my forhead from her's, watching her expression. My heart was pounding like a chrain in my chest, as I waited.
    She smiled, that sweet beautiful smile of her's, and tears streamed down her face again. I still held her close, but with a distance, still waiting.
    She looked down, and my expression changed to worry.
    She dosn't feel the same I though and i felt dissapointment, and embarassment wash over me like a tidal wave.
    Then she gently touched my face, and my heart exploded. It was pounding so fast, and I knew she could feel it.
    "I know what your thinking....and your wrong" she said quietly. " I love you too Jason. And your all I need...to keep me alive" she said with determination.
    She slowly leaned in and parted her lips. I closed my eye's and pulled her closer to my chest, our lips moving together, against each other.
    It was beautiful, and the most amazing thing I had ever felt. Sun shone on my face, turning my eye lids red. I didn't care.
    Our lips slowed and she gently pulled away, and rested her head against my chest, breathing softly.
    "Just for you..and only you... I will stay alive" she whispered, and shut her eye's.
    "Thank you" I said, and tears rolled down my cheeks, without my permisson, but I welcomed them with relief. I let out a sob, and she looked up, a ghost of a smile on her lip's.
    "We'll stay alive together, Jason." she said, kissing a tear, as it fell down my face.
    "Forever" I whispered, tilting up her head, and kissing her again.
    In my head I could just imagine a beautiful sunset behind us, and the picture slowly fading to black, showing the credits. Silly me.
    This is real.
    And i love it.