• Just returned..
    This "alternate" reality, this other sort of life, one free of the cruel humans. Back to the world where everyone equal, but still trying to act big though, like at the circus with the mirrors that make you look big and strong, like that, many people acting bigger than what they are.

    We are all just looking for a means to escape, the alternate reality.. the one without the drugs, the one without the scars, the pain, the abuse.

    This time it is different though, no one is here, no one to welcome you back with open arms no one to embrace you, tell you that they missed you.

    No one.. no one.. Everyone's left, all gone, all that is left is the memories, but as those seem to fade away, you feel the emptiness.. you are just back in the spot you were before, alone, desperate, cold, empty, lifeless.

    Apathy replaces enthusiasm, depression replaces happiness, the fun times gone all gone, don't think there are going to be very many for a long time.
    Looking for some light, the only thing found is more darkness. Everyone around us, just superficial empty shells. No one.. No one.. Everyone's left, all gone..