• Under the circumstances, I was surprised to see him still standing there. He was still as a statue, unmoving, not speaking. It wasn’t surprising that his face was blank and showed no emotion. But shouldn’t that have been me? He had told me his life’s secret, just blurted it out just like that. He was a vampire, I was a human, and he longed for my blood. I knew that I should have said something, anything to tell him what I thought, but I was too unsteady, too nervous. I couldn’t even speak, my head was buzzing with what seemed to be a thousand bees, all crammed inside my head and trying to fight each other for the room in my head that was imaginary to me. I became nervous, hopping from foot to foot in earnest as I tried to recover my consciousness. He just stood there, still, unmoving as I finally spoke.
    “You couldn’t have told me sooner?” I whispered my voice cracking. It was not really a question, but more of a statement. I fell back onto the bed and his arms landed around me, pulling me in to him, crushing me to his frigid cold body.
    “No, I couldn’t have. I was strictly forbidden; I wasn’t supposed to tell you now either. Do you understand?” He replied. I could hear the strain in his voice, the desperation deep down.
    “I understand. And I promise… I promise I won’t tell anyone. I won’t tell anyone.” I could here my voice stammering out the words as my mind finally started to clear. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad after all.