• --Chapter 2 ~finally met him~--

    On her way, she met 2 goons.

    Goon 1: A girl like you shouldn’t go walking alone.

    Goon 2: Yeah.

    Shizune: Get away from me!

    Goon 1: Oh, I like that!

    He pinned her to a wall. Shizune kicked the man that made the man unconscious.

    Goon 2: Scary…Help me!

    The other goon ran away leaving the unconscious goon on the road. She continued her way to school.

    Shizune: Hmph! Well that’s a good start.

    She continued to school. When she arrived at school, she heard screams.

    Girls: Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Etsuko sempai!!!

    Shizune went closer to listen.

    Girls: Etsuko sempai is really handsome!

    Shizune: Wait a minute!!! Et-----su-----ko??? You mean my best friend Akira Etsuko?!

    Shizune went closer to have a look of the boy the girls are talking about, and there she saw it, IT IS INDEED her best friend!!!

    Shizune: Akira!!!

    Akira looked to where the voice is coming from, there he saw his best friend.

    Akira: Hey! How are you? I didn’t know you study here at Matsuo Academy.

    Shizune: I’m surprised to see you too! I’m the new student attending here. Would you like to tour me for a bit so we can chat more, deal?

    Akira: Okay, deal!

    Akira toured her around their school, she noticed every one was greeting her best friend for some reason, and most of them are girls, she went closer to Akira and whispered to his ear.

    Shizune: I didn’t know you’re so popular with girls so much, Akira.

    Akira: Well, they just can’t resist this looks of me…hehehehe

    Shizune: How corny!!!

    They continued walking until they reached a classroom door.

    Akira: Here we are, this is our classroom, make yourself comfortable, I’m sure you’ll have friends.

    Shizune: Okay.

    After he left her to talk to his other friends, girls started to approach her.

    Girl 1: Hi! You must be Shizune Kudo.

    Shizune: Yes, nice to meet you.

    Girl 2: Are you together with Etsuko-kun?

    Girl 3: Yeah, you seem very close.

    Shizune: No, no, no we ARE JUST FRIENDS!

    Girl 1: Glad to hear about that.

    Girls: Well, nice meeting you, I’m sure you’ll like it here.

    Shizune was sitting quietly when she heard the door opened. She was not interested so she just didn’t mind it all she can hear are girls squealing.

    Girl 1: Oh, look its Matsuo-kun and Sonozaki-chan!

    Girl 2: They look so cool!

    Girl 3: I want to be together with Matsuo-kun too just like Sonozaki-chan!!!

    Girl 4: Yeah, but Sonozaki-chan was his friend, and he only talks to girls if he like them.

    Girl 5: I’m curious what kind of girl does KAORU MATSUO-kun like?


    Then it hit her

    Shizune: KA---O---RU-------MA---T---SUO...I think I heard that name before…where is it again?

    Then it hit her again



    Someone took her hand and said…

    “Are you okay, Ms. Kudo? My name is Kaoru Matsuo”……Kaoru Matsuo……Kaoru Matsuo…


    Shizune: Aaarggghhh!!! That name!!! That pervert guy is here!!!

    Shizune glanced at the boy, he caught glance to her too and gave her a SWEET smile.

    Shizune looked away, she IS mad.


    Her two consciences came out of her.

    Angel Shizune: Hey, look at that handsome guy, giving you that kind of smile, come on give him a chance---

    The devil cut her off.

    Devil Shizune: No, don’t fall for that pervert; remember when he suddenly grabs your hand, ITS UNEXCUSABLE!!! You don’t want to be with a playboy!

    She woke up to her senses again.

    Shizune: I’ll just stay away from him that would be easy.

    Class started, well unfortunately Kaoru was actually sitting beside Shizune, and all those times he was just looking at her with those flirty eyes, and the fact that she couldn’t concentrate because of that. Then she made her move.

    Shizune: Would you mind not doing that, I couldn’t concentrate.

    Kaoru: I can’t control it; you’re fun to look at.

    Shizune: Well, it’s very annoying to me, and it’s not very good to look at girls like that.

    Kaoru just smiled and looked away. Shizune returned to what she is doing.


    Classes were over; Akira went over to Shizune if she’s alright.

    Akira: Hey, Matsuo is looking at you all the time, don’t you know?

    Shizune: Don’t remind me, he’s insane, and because of him I can’t concentrate.

    Akira: You’re lucky, Shizune, it’s the first time Matsuo liked a girl.

    Shizune: How can I feel lucky, somehow I feel I’m unlucky? I’m going home. Bye.

    Akira: Bye.

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