• What’s one of the hardest things to do? Other than get straight A’s on your report card, or always be on time to all of your courses? Why, it’s just living life, and surviving through everything and anything that can be thrown at you, and believe me, that can be a lot. Some of us are blessed enough to have peaceful lives, where the worst thing that they have had to worry about is what they’re going to wear that day or whether they will have split peas or corn at dinner. But life isn’t always like that, and actually more times than not it isn’t.

    Life, is a journey, something to experience, and only you can know what it is to you. It’s something personal, and yet known by everyone. Some think of it as a game, one that’s impossible to win, whereas others think of it as something fantastic, a miracle even.

    I believe that if you have something that you’re passionate about, and you pursue it, you can be happy. If you have something to pour your heart into, you should be safe. But, don’t you dare let whatever that thing is fall by the wayside, because that’s one of the easiest ways to completely let yourself go. If you forget what it is that gets you running at top speed just because you can, then how are you supposed to even get going at your slowest again? If you stay still for too long, you’ll be stuck, and wherever you happen to have stopped is where you’ll stay, stuck forever until you start to fade.

    Enough of that! This is supposed to be positive, not negative, now get back to what you were saying, switch it back to the right track, and be quick about it!

    Sorry Miss Positive, but I had to at least warn them of what could happen, did I not? Oh whatever, back to what I was talking about. Now where was I? Thanks a lot, you made me forget what I was trying to say! Hrm… life, amazing, running, time, cycles. Hey, wait, what was that one after running? TIME!

    It’s time to talk about some of the things that, when noticed and appreciated, make life beautiful. Now, who here has taken the time to lie back on a nice warm, sunny day and look up at the sky? Clouds floating by, the bright blue sky that seems endless, and all the smells that surround you, ah, now that’s relaxing! Or watching as the sun sets behind the horizon in a spectacular show of vibrant colour, leading to the rich darkness of night, and, if you wait long enough it becomes brightened by an insanely huge number of stars. How about those feelings that make your heart beat fast when you think of that special someone, the one that matters the most to you, the feelings of love? All of these things and many, many more add so very much to the experience of life, and to be honest, I’m grateful for all of it. When I say all I mean all, the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, because if you only experience one way then how would you know any different? You wouldn’t, and that’s why everything happens.

    Many people spout the phrase “everything happens for a reason” when actually, in my opinion, it doesn’t. If there was some strange reason behind everything then that would mean that everything would be already planned out, maybe not the entire trip, but the start and the end would be, and that takes away one major part of our lives, and that it is, after all, our lives. In our lives we make the decisions, and we choose who we become. That’s right, I believe that if there was some higher power out there that saw all and made you do everything a certain way, well that’d be taking away the part of self-expression that is necessary for your spirit and your actual you-ness to expand and show.