• I closed my eyes as I felt the blood pool beneath my finger tips. I felt weaker. I breathed deeply and opened my tear streaked eyes. My gaze fell to my knees, where I had balanced a sharp knife I had snipped from the kitchen. My blooded wrist was held against my shirt, soaking the shirt quickly.

    I breathed, my lungs felt weird. I felt lightheaded, like I was high. This was my high, my addiction; and I wanted to die doing it.

    Tears sprang in my eyes again as my last minutes slugged by slowly. I remembered the beatings I had taken, all the tears I had sheded. I just wanted it to end.

    My eyes felt heavier, like a thousand weights. I needed to finish the job. I picked up the knife and kissed the blood stained steel before I lowered it back to my blooded wrist.

    "Goodbye." I whispered, slicing my wrist once more. I cried out in a hushed whisper.

    The knife slipped from my fingers, clattering onto the pool of blood at my side. I gasped, my eyes widening. My breathing hitched as my eyes fluttered closed.

    My head tilted back, against the door as my heart slowed. A small tear oozed from my eye before my heart stopped completely.