• ok, so there was this guy. his name was paden. i loved him more than anything imaginable. he was AMAZING. like, the most goregous person i EVER met. anyways, me and him were like best friends. well, we were. and so my boyfriend at the time broke up with me, on my birthday. paden help me through it. the next day paden and i were talking..
    paden: "jurnee! i have your birthday present!"
    me: "omg! wow! thank you! what is it?!"
    paden: "me..."
    me: "you?"
    paden: "yes, didn't you notice? i am in love with you babe. will you accept me and let me be yours?"
    me: "awweh! sweety, of course! <3"
    paden: "good. well, i gtg. i love you babe. FOREVER. <3"
    me: "i love you too."
    so anyways, things were going AMAZINGLY well. i was never happier. like, never ever never. well, one night, 18 days later, i got a call from his best friend, antenny..
    me: "hello?"
    antenny: "heey, is this jurnee?"
    me: "yeah... who's this? :S"
    antenny: "it's me! antenny!"
    me: "oh, haha. heey!"
    antenny: "umm.. i have a message from paden.."
    me: "oh, ok. what is it then?"
    antenny: "YOU'VE BEEN DUMPED!" (click)
    me: "hello..?"
    so, as it turns out, paden never loved me. he was using me. he was too much of a coward to dump me himself, so he got his stupid little friend to do it. from now on, i'm making sure i really know a guy before i date him.. crying