• One day long ago there was a woodpecker and he was making a home for the winter but below a wolf covered with snow all cold and lonely was looking up at the woodpecker wishing saying to the moon if only if only i was a woodpecker then i can have a nice warm home for the winter and the woodpecker at work saying to the stars if only if only my house was finished then i would be so warm
    then a single snowflake held the eyes of the woodpecker and it landed on the wolfs nose the wold and the woodpecker looked at one another and said hi then started to talk about a warm home but then the woodpecker finished his hole in the large tree and told the wolf goodbye and went inside the wolf sighed and started to cry then he layed on the tree and waited for the summer for a week the wolf felt a poke now and then from the tree one day alittle of the bark fell on his head and he yelped the wolf looked up to see his friend the woodpecker made a hole in the large tree for him so thay both talked and waited for the summer in there nice warm home