• --Friday--

    My week was going great at first. My grandparents that I hadn't seen in a log time were there, and with them was my cousin, Beth. Everyone was having a great time with them. I was kind of getting annoyed though because my sisters were stuck up Beth's butt the whole time and I hardly could talk to her. We did eventually get away with my grandmother and went shopping.2

    While we were out shopping I bought a cell phone with my own money. It was only prepaid but I still liked it. I spent the rest of that day texting my boyfriend (who is now my EX).3


    I slept until about 12:00 pm that day. When I walked out of my room, my mom was screaming at me to clean. I started to do as she asked when i said, "Can you please get one of my sisters to help me?" She walked back into her room and when she came out she had a belt in her hand. She pushed me down on the couch and started beating me with it. She was yelling at me and said, "Never talk back to me again! You are the most disrespectful piece of s**t child I have ever seen!" I got treated like this alot so I was sick of it. I started screaming back at her saying, " Go ahead! Beat me! Kill me! I hate you! You are the worst mother ever!" She continued to beat me putting more force in each swing trying to make me cry and beg for mercy. Beth's dog, Yoda, was trying to attack my mom to protect me. That's when I started to cry. I was crying because I knew no matter how hard Yoda tryed, he couldn't do a thing to protect me. Beth grabbed her dog and about another minute of my mother's beating she finally stopped. My mom went to her room and slammed the door behind her. I walked back into my bathroom and sat down. Beth came back there too, she was crying. She told me she wasn't going to leave me here. She said she would call DHR and get me to live with her. She promised.5


    It was the day that my grandparents and Beth had to leave. All goodbyes were said. Everyone was upset to have had to say goodbye. But the saddest thing about the goodbyes, was Beth said goodbye... to me.