• My friend, Bobby was going to pick me up today to go to Santa Monica. I don't get why he doesn't let me drive, he's bizarre like that. Iv'e lived in L.A. since I was seventeen, so I think I do know mostly everything. Just because I was born in London and lived there most of my life and I kept my British accent, doesn't mean I dont know anything about America. I got up and played the piano for a while. The thought of playing Fur Elise by Beethoven was a good idea for this time, since I haven't played it in about a couple of months. I used too busy learning other songs to play for the next time I play at a restaraunt. I heard a knock on the door before I finished the whole song. It must be Bobby. I left the piano and went to open the door. I looked at a man who was 6 foot 4 inches. He had curly black hair and dark brown eyes. He immediatly smiled.

    "Ready to go Thomas?" he asked, waiting for something I didn't understand why everytime he said something the first time the day I would see him.

    "Yes, why wouldn't I be? Iv'e been waiting for more than thirty minuets after the time you said we were going," I said smiling

    "Sorry, bud. There was a little traffic on the way here. By the way, loving the accent like everyday."

    I smiled once I heard this. So that's what he waits for everyday. We headed to his car. The smell of grass and roses were everywhere. This is how it was here in Beverley Hills, grassy and rosy. Everyone dies to come here. Of course, I would do the same if I was them. This place was amazing!
    We reached his car and we went in. I had the feeling to ask a question I needed to ask Bobby. Iv'e never asked anyone this. My heart exelratted.

    "Bobby?" I asked

    "Yeah, Tom?"

    "Is it alright with you if I ask you a question?"


    "Well, i have been pretty lonely these days and I wanted to know if you had any suggestions."

    "Have you tried getting a girl?"

    "Yes, but I wasn't thinking of that actually, now that you mentioned it."

    "How about adopting?"

    I stared blank faced at him. "What? No No....you know what, just ignore this and let us change the subject."

    He shrugged. "Ok, I'm feeling steak today. You in for it?"

    "Always, never will I not."

    * * *

    That night, I brushed my teeth and got ready to sleep. As I cleaned out my mouth, I looked at the light-brown haired, gray-blue-eyed, sharp featured man. I shook my head, thinking of the question I asked Bobby today. I went to my bed and lay there still, looking at the ceiling. Adopting? What the..... that's probably the last thing I want to think about. As I thought this, I feel quickly asleep, not feeling how tired I was.