• The Survival

    Chapter 1
    The Dead World

    In the distant past, when the world was new before the dinosaurs, two ancient races were fighting. One of the ancient races made one thing and the other races made five weapons.
    Present day, 2012. Scientists found a great discovery in Africa . They found the five weapons. They took them to a museum and came back to the dig. They found a door. There was a sign on the door that said, “DANGER.” The scientists opened the door. They looked in and saw a thing that looked like a little girl. The thing killed the all.
    3 years later. There was a woman who was pregnant. She had three kids. One kid is a normal human. One is a half brute. And one is a full brute.
    18 years later. Ring, ring, ring. “Class, class the bell has rung. Yes, mister Dodda.” “Turn your books to page 200 and start reading.” So they started to read.
    At the main door. Knock, knock. “There is a man out there; let him in,” a woman said.
    “He is a soldier,” said a man.
    The soldier came in and asked “Can I stay here for a while?”
    “Dodda, are you meaning that the brutes are that dangerous?” asked Megan.
    “Yes, that is right. Brutes are the most dangerous thing in the dead world,” said Dodda. Ring, ring, ring. “Class is dismissed; tonight read the rest of the chapter,” said Dodda.
    Megan saw the soldier walking to the school. She went home and started reading about the brutes.
    The book said that the brutes are dangerous in the dead world. She kept reading. The brutes have black hard skin that is very, very, very hard to penetrate.
    “Dinner time, Megan,” said her mom.
    “No, we cannot just give out the students folders out to you,” said the principal.
    “I just need to know if a person is in this school,” said the soldier.
    “What is the person’s name,” said the principal.
    “The name is Ted,” said the soldier.
    “We do not have a Ted in this school, but if you do not mind would you tell me your name so if we get a Ted in this school we will tell you,” said the principal.
    “My name is Nick,” said the soldier.
    “Do not forget to wash your hands Megan,” said her mom.
    “Yes, Mom I will,” said Megan. She washed her hands and went to the dinning table. They started to eat when the phone rang. “Hello how is this,” asked her father.
    “Hello this is the mister Dodda,” said Dodda.
    “Yes what do you want,” ask her father.
    “I need to remind you about the meeting tomorrow,” said Dodda.
    “Ok bye,” said her father.
    “Bye,” said Dodda.
    “Who was that dad,” ask Megan.
    “Your teacher,” said her father. “It was about your meeting tomorrow.”
    “Oh it’s tomorrow,” said Megan. “I thought it was next week.”
    “Ok lets eat,” said her mom angrily.
    “Ok Nick have a nice day,” said the principal.
    “You too,” said Nick. Nick left. In the middle of the street he saw people staring at him. They were talking to themselves. He started to walk again. He heard a sound. He run to the sound and saw a brute. The brute started to run at Nick. Nick pulled out his sword. He tried to stab the brute but, it dodge the blade. It throw Nick into the building next to them. Nick said to himself, “Damn, it is faster than I thought.” He jump up and started to run at the brute and the brute run at Nick. They both hit each other. Nick flow five feet in the air. The brute went back two steps and had Nick’s sword in its gut. Nick jumped up and ran at the brute. The brute picked up a dumpster and throw it at Nick. Nick jump of the dumpster and look up to is the brute next to him. The brute hit Nick with its claws. Nick went down to the ground in pain. The brute tock out the sword in its gut and was about to kill Nick ,but the people came to kill the brute. So the brute ran away. “Someone help that man,” said a young lady.
    “Megan go to bed,” said her mom.
    “Yes, mom,” said Megan. So Megan what to sleep. She woke up and look outside. She was thinking of what it would be like if the scientists never open that door.
    “Megan, MEGAN!” yelled her mom. “Wake up! You will be late for school.”
    “Yes mom,” said Megan. She got dress and started to go to school until she saw the news.