• March 1, 1997- Chu Lao Thao was on his way to the market. Before he left, he asked his daughter, Eva, if she would like to come. She didn't want to go to a stupid market with her old dad, and have to wait in a long line. So he went by himself. Days before he went to the market, his son, my dad, were in an argument. So he went to the market by himself. After he got his stuff, right when he was outside, he collapsed.

    They rushed him to the hospital, and he had a heart attack. He was in a coma. My parents went to go see him everyday.

    One day, March 5, my mother had pain in her pregnant belly, and hours later, she had a little baby girl, me. He would run up and down the stairs to see me, and my grandfather.

    A few days later, I was going to be taken back home. Before I did, my father took me in his arms to go see my grandfather that was still in a coma. He held me up against him and said, "Father, my first born has finally arrived. Please. Wake up, so that you can see her. Please! Wake up!"

    March 9, 1997, my grandfather died.

    Years later, my father told me that the first star that comes up every night, is my grandfather, watching us from above. The first star.