• Rule 1. Humans are stupid but they do not and don't want to understand that but those who do are likely to get ahead in life
    Rule 2. Show sympathy for people in need of help karma will reward you
    Rule 3. Always and i mean Always protect a female in need of defense
    Rule 4. never Lie to true friends
    Rule 5. Trust everyone but Trust none
    Rule 6. Believe that there are ways to get what you want
    Rule 7. The elements are sacred respect them
    Rule 8. the dead are sacred respect them
    Rule 9. Elders are to be respected
    Rule 10. Parents do not always know best but should be respected -for now- ninja
    Rule 11. Love is sacred CHERISH it for it may only come once or not at all
    Rule 12. Make peace with your inner selves life will be easier(special rule)
    Rule 13. Life is nothing but an alternate reality so therefore anything can happen
    Rule 14. Sex is special perform it only when true love is truly there in the relationship
    Rule 15. Innocents do not deserve to die
    Rule 16. The Guilty are to be judged and given an appropriate sentence for their crimes
    Rule 17. Money does not run you
    Rule 18. Friendship is to be cherished because when it all falls apart friends help put it back together
    Rule 19. The night is your guardian do not fear it
    Rule 20. The final rule which applies to anyone who is a denizen of water: The moon is our sanctuary treat it that way meditate till you connect with it feel its push and pull and go with it

    This Is The Law I Abide By It Is My Guideline It Makes Me Who I Am