• Hi Everyone
    I went to the Food4Less the other day and saw a women drop her change on the ground, and as a gentelmen i thought of helping her out. As soon as i got close to help her she began screaming and started to run. I later then heard her screaming again 5 minutes later, and then agian,and agian. Her friend that was with her finally showed up out of the brathroom and quickly realized that her phobia was going off. Ot turns out as she announced to the public,, that she had Androphobia. Or Fear Of Man, Which gives me todays topic!

    5 Phobias That You Wont Belive Ar'nt Real

    Or Fear Of Gravity as they say. I wounder how a person with that phobia is like.
    Pastor:"My son...what is troubling you....."
    Barophobia Guy:"Science Has Proven That Gravity Exits!And Its Everywhere! EVERYWHERE! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Fear Of Tree's. Typical Denphobia Victim
    Son:"Dad.....The Table Is'nt going to hurt you."
    Dad:"But It's Made Out Of Tree's! TREE'S!"
    Son:"Oh dad.....why dont you just look outside and see are front yard tree."
    Dad:"It is pretty..."
    Tree:"Hey!Im Going To Kill You."

    3. Japanohpobia
    FEAR OF THE JAPANESE! AHHH! Everyone hide behind a stereo typical chinese guy! Typical Japanophobia Victim
    Guy:"I think im lost."
    Japanese Local:"herubu?"
    Guy:"JAPANESE!" *Starts To Attack Him*

    Fear Of Chopstick's! I Only Have 2 Words For This One
    "HAHAH! Chopsticks."

    Fear Of Things On The Left Side Of The Body. Typical Levophobia Victim
    Street Fighter:"Sir I Cant Help To Feel Uncomftorbal sitting next to you."
    Sir:"And why is that?"
    Street Fighter:"Well Your not wearing any cloths on the left side of your body"
    Sir:"...........Your Point?"

    Admittingly this was'nt the best of my articles i did awnser alot of Pm's. Anyways if you want to pick tommarow's topic just Pm me it and we'll see where it goes.AGE DOES NOT IMPLY!

    Good Bye For Now.