• Those Horrifying Shopping times with my Mom!
    Don't You Just Hate When Your Mom Goes Shopping With You?

    Oh man, I do! So here's what happened...

    Okay, so we're at the mall, and my mom sees one of those so called "hip" stores that were back in the day. My mom then drags me over there and runs straight in, while I'm standing outside, watching my mom's mouth drop to the floor, and her eyes bug out of her sockets with ever Eye Popping colored tee. My mother scrambles through numerous things, when she finally finds this hideous dress on the bottom of the box.
    "H mm, no wonder why its at the bottom." I say to my self.
    I then realize that its wasn't for my mom, it was for me! My mom comes running towards me, and puts a humongous grin on her face.
    "Oh Great"
    I stand there, wondering if she was actually going to make me wear that. But soon enough, my mom holds out the dress in front of me and says to me "You would look so CUTE in this dress!"
    As i walk towards the counter and ask for a dressing room, the lady behind the desk is trying hard not to break into a smile.
    "Oh, would you just give me a dressing room already" I command rudely.
    As I walk to the dressing room I notice that one of my friends was there , strangely enough my friend wheres that stuff, so I react to shielding my face with my hat.

    I look at my self in the mirror and see a wrinkled, ugly, baggy dress that probably my GREAT GREAT GREAT grandma would have liked. Terrified of looking at myself in the mirror, I rush to take it off, when i hear "Darling, may i see what you have put on?" My mom says as she peeks through.
    "MOTHER!" I yell in a whisper. "This Looks H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!" I then yell, well actually a bit to loud that every one in the whole mall could have heard me. I close the door and lock it to make sure my mom wouldn't peek again.

    "Mom, next time I'm choosing the store, okay?"
    "Oh alright, so I'm guessing you didn't like the dress after all huh?"