• She's there for me, she cares for me and her personality is exactly like mine!
    sometimes weird sometimes mature sometimes this sometimes that! Lol.
    She's my BEST FRIEND exclaim I look out for her she looks out for me sooo much we do for eachother, we only fight for food b/ we became friends over food, what type?... apple sauce and our drink is fruit punch koolaid!We also became friends over a Hannah Montana pen too, she had two and she asked me if i wanted it and i said Uhhh Okay, sure. And we still have the pen!Lol. rofl
    We're popular and cool, boys love us, that goes for the girls too, and we like to be ourselves. We fought 2 times, and i gave her a 'I'm Sorry' note to her and she apoligized too, but in person. And the second time i apoligized in person and she gave me a 'I'm Sorry' note.Lol. I loved the year we met! (DO NOT ASK WICH YEAR)

    Our Annishels example: your name is idk uhh Jenny Markowski and your annishels are gonna be JM, and me and my best friend combined our annishels together, it made E.A, i'm the A. Her name is Emma-Jo Tanzillo and if you know her comment and tell me.I'll be glad to know!Byee!


    p.s we are twin friends (LITERALLY)