• Life changes no matter how hard you try to keep it the same. Someone always winds hurt, normally that would be me, and those who do the hurting normally are apathetic. They don't care about one's past experiences, and all they care about is how can they make themselves feel better. Just imagine the physical pain one goes through on a day to day basis. How many deeper than deep scars are hidden.
    Just imagine the abuse, the torture of having one's life torn to shreds right before your eyes. They say the first time always hurts, well they were right on so many levels. It did hurt, it hurt so much the pain was too much even for me. Life is always changing whether it be for the better or for the worse. People will still hurt, and be hurting. It is just human nature. Now try adding being herd bound in the mix and being a hormone in crazed female, what do you get? Disaster.
    Never once did i ask for this pain but here i am still suffering. I am still learning the ways of my people, and trying to fit into this world isn't easy either. I am so used to the old ways the old life. Hunt when i was hungry, and sleep when i was tired, but in the this life in this era i cannot. The lights, the sounds the smell can keep one awake for days.
    I have always felt like a part of me could one day just burst out of my current skin, and be free. To finally feel the ground under my paws again would be a dream come true. To hunt my prey with such ease that I do not possess in this skin, in this body suit to call it of all things. To be with my mate again would yet again be absolutely amazing. To run with him in the woods to hunt to mate to be his once again.
    Life changes.