• My eyes open instantly. I find my dog licking my face. I wave my hands in the air and try to scream, yet i gargle his slobber down my throat. "GAH!" I shouted.I moved the puppy off my face.

    He was a large puppy. A Cocerspaniel to be exact. About a year old. His eyes were large, and wen he wanted food it was hard to ignore his large sad eyes.

    I stood up, dazed. I walked out into the hall, wich had 3 rooms, the room that I sleep in, my father's ( who is away alot, ) mine, and my sisters.

    Right on the first step going downstairs, I slipped on my dogs slimey saliva, and tumbled all the way down, my face hit the wall at the end. I moaned and groaned. I'm pretty sure I felt my back cracking. Then all the sudden I woke up at the end of the stairs. I must've fallen asleep. I moaned a long moan as I got up.

    I yawned. "Grandma, I'm awake now!" No answer. She's probably still sleeping.

    I went into the bathroom. My grandpa was sitting on the toilet. Eating something, Like a steak-looking thing. His face was pretty pale, with no emotion in his eyes. ( I wish i knew it was a zombie. But no, i thot he was "depressed". ) "GAH, crap, sorry to bother you." I closed the door.

    My little sister came from upsairs. Same as grandpa, yet her jaw was missing and her eye was hanging from a bloody string. "Uh...Grandma? I think little Jessica needs to go to the hospital!" She groaned. "Jesus," I said aloud. I laughed hard. "You look ugly as-" she leaped on me and tried to bite me. What an idiot.

    I shoved her off. She groaned and tried it again. I rolled out of the way. I grabbed a fork and threw it at her. It hit her directly in the eye. I flinched when it hit. She fell over and started to bleed....alot...

    Then my grandma had came out of her room, in the downstairs hall is where its located. She also looked the same! So I opened the door to the outside and said "go away I dont have time for this man!"

    Then my dog came from downstairs. "Whew at least your not a zombie..." He growled at grandma.

    And grandpa came out of the bathroom. Blood on his chin. "Okay, Ew!" I grabbed another fork. I threw it and it hit him in the spot where the sun dont shine. [splat] my face looked something like this eek I grabbed another. It hit him in the forhead. Then he had fallen over and died...

    I looked over at my dog. He was eating grandma. "Dude, i know you like to eat alooot, but dude thats just gross!" He looked up at me. he walked over to me and started whining. So i petted him.

    I tried to open the back door, located in the kitchen, right next to the living room, with nothing seperating them exept carpet from tile. [ >:O ] It's jammed. I heard a loud roar from outside. I looked out the window in the living room. A giant monster was smashing all the cars on the street in front of my house. "Hmm... maybe I don't wanna go out there..."