• Right now sandy is sniffing the paper and trying to mess me up. Hey! you no the pen i was suppose to give to Helen, well, Im writing with it right now and im going to keep it for all i care lol! im tired-
    Questons 4 u!!
    Do u still like Exzavor and Daniel?
    How long hould we write in this?
    Do u get tired of Helga sometimes?
    Who do u hate in skool?

    And this notebook thing has to be personal and dont lose it kk--
    one more personal question......Are u weird? lol!
    Write back! Im going on the computer now....BYE!!!

    P.S. if ur afraid to ask something from me just do it through the notebook

    I keep forgetting to write 2 you. Hopefully i remember next time

    Isnt your dad suppose to be coming back today?
    Its 3:29 in the morning and i am still awake...welll i just woke up

    Sandy is covering her eyes with her back feet while shes sleeping......
    Cant u imagine Ashley trying to do that.GROSS!! LOL!!

    P.S. Dont forget to write back and no one else can see this book but US!! okay?

    I just got home and of course i turned on the computer right away! Now i am on myspace checking my messages. I have been on the computer for about 2-3 hours now i am getting off.. now i will go take a nap...now my parents are making me take a pill so that i can sleep at night


    You will probably going to get mad at me for asking this but i will ask it anyway.Have you been mad at me lately for any reason at all this week or this month?
    Do u get sick of Helga?
    Who do u like in skool?
    Who do u hate in skool?


    Yes i still like daniel and Exzavor
    Until we get really really tired of doing it
    Yes i get very tired of her sometimes..i think she does not even like me no more because she always gives u and ur sister stuff but its like she does not even no i am there
    I really do not hate anyone excedpt for that crossed eyed kid in 8th grade

    We can only forget this book for like 2 or 3 days okay?

    P.S. Dont forget to write BACK..if u cant understand my writing or something than call or ask me ok?

    I am in music right now- if i have time in Mr. Davis class, Ill write there....if Josh isnt there-cause you no hes a freak- Josh needs to stick with one girl not just break up with someone after two weeks-thats dumb...he doesnt take anything seriously- and i think Haileys rapping is really really bad no offense to her or anything..lol!


    I sometimes get tired of Helga, but im excepting who she is now......
    I havent been mad at you for any reason but ive been noticing-dont get mad- that you act different in front of other people- like Nikki and me- you act like your nicer than you are to me- o offence- I sometimes do that to and i am confessing and ill try to stop....ill TRY..lol..Im just telling you ok?

    and i still like josh, hes been the only guy in school that i liked the longest.
    Who I hate- I hate Bruce bcuz he says he hurtz wen i make fun of him but it hurtz wen he says something he started..

    Do u think Exzavor still likes you?
    Do u think i could get really bossy sometimes?
    Do u get tired of Jessica?
    this is a serious one...Do u think Ashley is fat?>lol

    Ok/ ill go with the three day thing for if we forget the notebook. Right now- I am reallly getting along with josh- he likes to tell me answers and he actually writes back if i give him anote....I hope Nikki doesnt move, but if she does..hopefully shes happier there....

    Write Back U Weirdo- TRY NOT TO BE LATE-LOL!
    Its monday- i forgot to give it to you today and on friday

    Do the weekends count?
    Hey i want to give you a quiz- Ill give it to you every now and then-K? it can be as long as you want it...

    What is my favorite soda?
    a. Dr.Pepper b. Coke
    c.Sprite d. Diet Pepsi

    Who is my crush in skool?
    a. Daniel b. Josh
    c. Dylan d. Benjamin

    What time do i usually go to sleep?
    a. 8:30 to 9:00 b. 9:00 to 10:30
    c. 9:00 to 9:30 d. 8:00

    What cant i stand the most?
    a.messiness b. my sisters
    c. wen a guy says they like me
    but flirt w/ other girls

    d. none of the answers

    Who is my second person i hate?
    a. Bruce b. Exsavor
    c. Ms.hughs d. my sister

    Optional Questions

    Am i stuck up?
    yes no maybe

    Should i talk more in class?
    yes no maybe

    Do i take things too seriously?
    yes no sometimes

    Do you think i trust you?
    yes no maybe

    Do u think i lie to be friends w/ somebody?
    yes no

    Okay i will make sure i give this to you-....

    It is thursday and it is 9:07 PM. i am watching the Shaggy Dog...i am a weirdo but YOU are the freak!!!lol!! so my friend Mika is coming over this weekend..my mom is on the computer .. i think my dad is beng lazy and watching tv..and of course my bro is just messing around


    yes i do think Exsavor still likes me by the way he is always looking at me and everytime we look at eachother he always stares at me and smiles

    no the weekends dont count

    no offense-dont get mad- but yes i do think you can get really bossy sometimes but no where near as much as Charlotte-no offense-

    yes i get tired of Ashley sometimes because she never stops bothering me for stuid stuff when i am working...DO NOT TELL HER!!!, than i get mad at her and she gets mad at me than i whole small fight starts...

    Yes of course i think ashley is fat...what kind of question is that when you already no the answer to it....


    What boys do you tallk to a lot? like a lot a lot?

    Are you going to start wearing make up in high school?

    I am going to do that quiz thing too okay??

    Who do i like alot?
    a. Daniel b. Josh c. Exsavor d. Derek

    What is my favorite song from HSM3?
    a.Right Here Right Now b. Can i have this dance

    Who do i hate?
    a. Duffy b. George c. Bruce d. Derek

    I am in Mr. winstons class right now listening to him talk and i am really worried about Nikki..i hope that she is ok...i feel really bad for Bruce ..i feel more sorry for Bruce right now more than Nikki

    I might give you a test every now and than but i will give you another one on this test too..
    i am in music ..it is really boring...mr. is making us study for the test... i dont no where you are but i think you are lunch helping..IDK

    well, Ashley, likes to talk about you b4 she goes to sleep.she says your the one bothering her..yeah..but dont let it get in the way of your friendship
    its mr.winstons fault for sitting you guys together AGAIN!!!

    Mr. is making up some dumb rap/rythm thing for i dont know what reason..
    Derek is too busy making noise and falling off his chair..

    this notebook thing was a really good idea..
    derek is acting like he is drunk right now..
    David just walks into mr.'s office..lol..and he stole a stapeler/i think thats funny


    i think you get really bossy especially wen we are at a party..yea..you already..well you shoud no..but wen you are not in skool you tend to get bossy,,


    and i asked about ashley's fat for fun..lol

    i try not too get too bossy but sometimes you dont listen..you just keep talking no offense

    i usually talk to josh everyday, i dont talk to any other boy unless they talk to me

    i dont no if i am going to wear make up, probably not though


    do you think that you are going to pass math class?
    would you date exsavor if you knew he liked you?
    do you think its weird that Daniel and Nikki are going out?


    What kind of pet person am i?
    a. dog b. hamster
    c. cat d. lion

    What type of shoes do i like?
    a.sneakers b. vans
    c. converse d. sketchers

    Who do i hate?
    a.Dylan b. Bruce
    c. exsavor d. Derek

    -Ya i think i get really bossy at parties and out of skool... i should really work on that
    - ya i am a talker..i tend to talk a lot lol

    - no i dont think i am going to pass math class but i hope i do!!
    - i already did date exsavor and no offense but it was kinda a waste of my time although i still have feelings for him but dont tell anyone..PLEASE!!!
    - yes i do think that it is weird that nikki and daniel are going out..i dont think they make a good couple at all


    Who am i starting to hate?
    a. exsavor b. Derek
    c. Daniel d. josh

    Who do i like more?
    a. derek b. daniel
    c. exsavor d. josh

    who is my fav. actress/ singer?
    a. miley cyrus b. demi lovato c. selena gomez

    - do you get mad at me easily?YES
    - are you ever mad at me for no reason?NO

    - why do you always act like you hate me?
    - do you think we are better off being close close friends or just friends that are not close at all?
    - do you hate helga or do you just get sick of her sometimes?

    - i act like i am mad at you bcuz i am. most of the time i get mad at you because wen im asking something serious, you just laugh and smile and think its funny. i dont know if you are joking around or thats your way of getting over things . i also get mad at you bcuz you want to no everything that we no is goin on and we tell you..wen we ask you, you dont tell us at all...
    - to all the madness i just said, i think we should be friends that r not close at all..i think we should only talk wen we both feel like it ...i like hanging out w/ my other friends..no offense.
    - i get sick of helga sometimes

    - are you using helga bcuz wen you talk behind her back, its like saying you hate her..are you just using her for her stuff or are u reallly friends w/ her? I am afraid that you r going to tell her if i tell u
    - who do you think is more of a friend to you, than me? your sisters, makira and ashley
    - do you think i try too much to get someone's attention? no not really but sometimes...
    - How come you act not bossy at skool, but wen you r out of skool u turn bossy?r u trying to impress somebdy? i act bossy out of skool?..i have no idea why i do that

    - Am i really violent?
    a. no, only wen my sisters mess w/ me b. of course c. not at all

    - which boy do i talk to all the time?
    a. Borders b. derek c. josh d. ashley(lol/jk)

    - which girls do i hang out w/?
    a. Cammy b. Kioko and Cammy
    c. you d. Kioko

    - what is my weakness?
    a. laughing b. madness
    c. spiders d. publicity

    - wen you ask me something serious i probably laugh at something else that was funny and i probably dont hear you...but i will try not to do that anymore..k...wait... but if we are not friends, why does it matter?
    - i will start to tell you everything wen you ask i guess...

    - who do you think is more of a freind than me?
    - do you think i try too hard to egt someone's attention?
    how come you act stupid outside of skool but you are smart in skool?

    -which boy do i talk to a lot?
    a. ashley b. ashley
    c. ashley d. ashley
    joking question

    i wont tell her anything i keep every secret inside of me now except for charlottes...
    either way we are still friends ..

    - i think Kioko and Cammy are more better friends than you...but the others are still good to have
    - yes, i do think that you try to get attention
    - i am dumb out of skool bcuz thats the only place people dont expect me to be smart..i dont want to be smart all the time..

    - since wen did you become girlies and started wearing make up?
    - wen u say "i dont no in class" do you really no?
    - how come you make a big deal out of stuff, wen u no it isnt true?

    who is my fav. cartoon character?
    a. eeyore b. tinkerbell
    c. tiger d. none of them

    - ok i am not using helga..i jnust dont like her

    - i might have become a little girlier but i still dont wear make up..only on special occasions
    - wen i say "i dont no" in class i really do no but i get nervous than my brain goes blank and i forget wat to say
    - i dont make a big deal of stuff wen they are not true or important

    - since wen did you care if i got girlier?
    - why do you always be mean to me?
    - Why do u always find a way to prove me wrong?
    - deepest darkest secret?

    deepest darkest secret is that i like someone/ppl from the 8th grade:they are tarzan and peirce

    - i dont care that you do but than you started acting meaner wen u started hanging around Ashlen and them
    - i am mean to you bcuz thats the way you treat me
    - i dont find a way to prove you wrong, u are just assuming that



    you should have said something about how i was getting meaner ever since i have been hanging out w/ Ashlen and them.i didnt no i was
    - next time you can tell me wen i start treating you like that and i wont get mad..i promise..and i am really sorry for treating you like that

    - can u tell me the next time i hurt you?

    - it is ok if you like tarzan and peirce..i wont judge but the only thing i dont like about peirce is his teeth..

    Alice T.

    i was going to say something, but i just wanted to say it on paper but than i kept forgetting until now..
    no offense to ashlen, she is tuck up and i think that is wat she is or was turning you into..

    and i should probably look at peirce's teeth and it would probably change my mind too

    - ya i have been noticing ashlen does that and she gets mad way too easy if you just say whatever to her os to something she said...she will take it the wrong way and i do kinda think that she is turning me into that but i will try to stay the same..
    - i will give you a lot more friend respect since thats what you want

    wen you told me at lunch that i cant be involved in everything, i was going to tell you this..but dont get mad...but i dont get to be involved in eveythingbut you and ur sister whine and complain until you get to be involved or until you get wat you want...than u and ur sister get mad at me just for asking if i can help

    i dont whine everytime im not in smething!! and i dont whine till they let me in the group!! i ask early enough and they allow me into the group!!! u do but u dont notice!!

    -are you still starting to hate exsavor? yes
    - wat other colors do you like besides pink and green? light purple
    -are you still friends w/ Helga? sadly yes
    - why dont you like playing sports? im not athletic
    -would you say that u r obsessed w/ yourself? no not really
    - What girls in skool do you think act or look like men? helga

    what is my fav. zoo animal?
    a. hippo b. polar bear
    c. giraffe c. anaconda

    what country or countries would i like to visit?
    a. philipines and germany b. Philipines
    c. germany d. paris,france

    what is my fav. kind of jewlery?
    a.bracelets b. necklaces
    c. rings d. all the above

    What is my fav. season?
    a. summer b. winter
    c. fall d. spring

    - why do you and ur sis always make fun of me?
    - would you treat me better if i treat you better?

    i dont know wat else to say lol

    we dont make fun of you , we make fun of helga

    and i have nothng else to say

    - do you still like helga, ashley said that verything about her having a boyfriend was a lie and she shouldnt have to just to be our friend..thats so stupid

    did exsavor ask me out on thursdsay?

    What are my three fav. colors?

    dont tell helga but she is really starting to get on my nerves....so bad that i have a feeling every night that this world would be better off w/o me than i feel like killing myself..lol..jk

    yes i do think its dumb for helga to lie about it and thats how i get pissed

    - are there things u tell to other friends like ones i hang out w/, that u dont tell me?
    if you want to, can u tell me?

    - wen helga comes up to you, y do you start hiding? do u think she is going to crush you?
    - who do you like in skool now?
    - do u wish u were going out w/ somebody? who would it be?
    - who does ashley like?(can u ask her)

    What is my fav. song for now?
    a. imaginary by Evanescence
    b. leave out all the rest by linkin park
    c. tell me something i dont no by selena gomez
    d. helena by My chemical romance

    Which scale from one to ten is correct by the boys i hate? ten is the one i hate most..
    a. 1-------5--------10 b. 1-------------5--------------10
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    Cole Exsavor Dylan Duffy Bruce Dylan

    c. 1------------5-----------10 d. 1-------------5------------------10
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    Exsavor Cole Bruce Bruce Duffy Dylan

    What do i hate the most?
    a. wen Ashley copies my outfit b. friends make me cry
    c. ppl make irritating noises d. ppl tell me wat to do

    What technology do i want besides a camera?
    a. laptop b. nintendo
    c. tv d. all the above

    lets play would you rather!!!and u have to pick!!!

    kiss on the lips....
    exsavor or dylan
    josh or exsavor
    lucas e. or lucas O. eww!!
    benjamin or peirce
    borders or tarzan
    spencer or patrick

    would you rather...

    lick a dog bone or a hairy leg
    smushed by duffy or an elephant wats the difference
    date a bird or a gorrila
    get beat up by cris brown or look at helga
    climb a 550 ft ladder to the top or mow 70 lawns
    jump off the hoover dam or royal gorge
    get kissed by helga or a dogs butt
    lay in crap
    or spikes
    eat rice or sushi
    be protected by a wrestler or elesia
    stick ur head in crap or in a alligaters mouth w/ a chance of dying
    dress like a hooker or striper at least its wearing something
    lick a dogs mouth or a dog lick the inside of ur mouth

    alece of my friends
    sprinkles: Paris
    Oreo: brittany
    lucky charms: derek

    name ur nicknames and the ppl that call you that

    - there are some things that i tell to other ppl but i dont think that u would be interested in wat i tell them
    - i dont start hiding wen she comes up to me ..i am just scared to look at her face!!LOL~!
    - i like josh( starting to like him more and more) and derek and thats it
    - i have no clue who she likes ..she didnt tell me wen i asked

    - are there other things that you tell to other ppl that u dont tell me?
    - who do u like in skool?
    - do u think we are going to become closer friends?

    of course this notebook is bringing us together ..as friends

    i like josh too

    can we go on the swngs during reeses----my fav. candy
    and ur the only one i tell my secrets to..

    yes we can go on the swings
    and u r the only one i tell these secrets to but there isnt very much secrets i tell other ppl

    oh thats nice
    im hungry..i want a taco or a donut right now

    lol..me too..a taco sounds reallly good right now!!!

    mmmm..taco..your making me hungry right now....

    your welcome..anytime i can help make you hungry i am here LOL

    hey..do u text josh?

    ya why?

    wat do u ask him?

    i ask him who he likes and he says he really doesnt no..
    i ask him if he cares about personality or looks and he said he cares more about personality but they have to at least look decent and stuff like that

    u should tell him to rate girls one to ten lolz

    ok i will.. but i so want a taco right now..still

    ewww!!! i have a disgusting pic in my mind because of helga..

    1. ashley- 4
    2. you- 7 and a half
    3. Alice T.- 10
    4. me- 7 and a half
    5. helga- 0
    6. Selena- 9 and a half
    7. ashlen- 8
    8. Neko- 9 and a half
    9. Kaylene- 6

    lets rate ppl.. 4 girls we will rate personality, 4 boys we will rate cuteness and personality

    ashlen- 27 Cammy-30
    Alice T.- 29 Helga-0
    Kaylene- 20 Claire-28
    Niko- 21 True-24
    lala-20 Nikki-22

    BOYS razz ERSONALITY:10-20
    josh- 20 daniel-20
    exsavor- 19 frankie-10
    derek- 15 edwardo-12
    george- 0
    patrick- 0
    francis- 10

    josh- 30
    exsavor- 20

    - who do u think dresses the worst in class?
    - who do u think dresses the best in class?
    - what person are u getting tired of besides helga?


    - i think helga dresses the worst..she dresses like a man probably becuz she is
    -the best is nikki
    -i am kinda getting tired of nikki ..she is getting on my nerves

    lets play would u rather again...
    would u rather

    date a 5 year old
    or kiss mr winston on the lips

    eat 9 year old meatloaf or take out all your teeth

    hey u no how you spent the night and ashley and Makira got yelled at?
    it sux for them cause they are grounded..heres wat they cant do or have to do

    no tv
    no computer/laptop
    no psp
    wen i am watching tv they have to leave the room i am in
    do all the chores for 4 months w/o getting paid(which means i dont have to do anything)
    i cant help them w/ their chores
    no phone calls

    well thats it..i feel sorry for them

    oh wow...i bet u r happy you dont have to do anything..i would be

    would you rather...

    lick a fat mans hairy belly or kiss duffy's lips
    eat dog crap or a moldy pickle
    kiss duffy or mr. winston
    eat cat or dog
    go out w/ a girl or make out w/ lucas e.
    eat a monkey or a bat

    how come in art u kept saying josh likes me?

    i kept saying that cuz thats wat he told me


    in art he said i really really like alice
    i said which one and he said the one in front of you and than i said it louder

    i didnt see him talking to you

    u were doing something else

    "C" = crush ok?

    i told you c was just fooling around in art..hes so confusing

    ya he is an idiot and i am hungry

    lol but i might give up liking c.. but its hard

    derek has been trying to give me a hug bcuz i told him i needed one but he said he needed one too but than he told me that he didnt want one adn NOW he wants one..what should i do??

    give him a hug unless something bad is going to happen

    i think he is going to do something bad

    oh than dont

    but i want to lol! i am so confused

    yes u r