• Olivia:

    I walked to my boyfriend’s house smiling. It was a nice day. The birds were singing the sky was clear and it was warm. At least for September. I twirled the ring Grant had gotten me around my finger. It was for our one year anniversary. We had been together for one whole year, no on and off thing. He was the love of my life. My life was perfect right now. My best friend Kendra and I were closer then we had ever been. She had a boyfriend who I wasn’t too fond of, considering we hated each other. But we did everything together! Double dates every weekend! Drive to the beach in the summer. Everything! My parents were great! They let me do anything I wanted. They loved Grant too.

    And today, well was my birthday. I turned 17. I wonder what Grant has planned. Maybe a surprise party? A picnic under the stars? Maybe we would take our relationship to the next level. Maybe I was ready. I sighed and grinned up at the evening sun. My heart thudded in my chest as I thought of it. I remember talking to Kendra about Grant and I. her and Zane (her annoying obnoxious boyfriend) we’re a cute couple but she had talked about maybe breaking up with him when Grant I were having a rough match a couple months ago, but never did. She just seemed distance these past couple days. It was strange. I had known her all my life but she wouldn’t open up to me, just telling me it was nothing. It was funny when we were freshman in high school we fought over Grant. He was the famous football player that every girl had a crush on. We told each other dreams we had had of him and which hair dew we thought would make him look like Zac Efron. It was the good days. But when Grant asked me to homecoming my junior year Kendra never said anything about him after that.

    A couple months later she met Zane. A new student. One look at him told me he was going to be trouble. And trouble he was! He was sent to the principal’s office the first day of school for talking back to a teacher. I had told her he wasn’t a good idea but she said that she really liked him so I never said anything again. I was one house away from Grant’s when someone hit my shoulder. “Ow!” I complained and jumped away from the person. “Zane!” I said narrowing my eyes. He smirked his dark blue eyes looking black under his brown bangs. His brown hair looked messy the way guys wore their hair now. He was also wearing his favorite black leather jacket. It was annoying to see him wearing it everyday!

    “Well it’s good to see you too Princess!” I glared deeply at him. He called me that because I hated it! I wasn’t a cheerleader or a popular girl. But he didn’t care.

    “What are you doing here?” I growled. He grinned.

    “Going to see my girlfriend. She wanted to talk to me. Is that OK, Olivia?” he said pointing to Kendra’s house next to Grant’s. They had been neighbors for two years now. “You better not hurt my best friend, Zane, or else you’re dead meat.” I said staring him down. That made him grin even more. If that’s possible.

    “No problem princess!” he slapped my shoulder in a brotherly affection.

    “a**,” I muttered and moved past him and onto Grant’s porch. I put on a smile for Grant and knocked on the door. It swung open and Grant looked like a God wearing faded jeans and a white t shirt. His blonde hair was slicked to the side and his brown eyes smiled with his lips. Before he could say anymore I reached up and pulled his lips to mine. He tasted of Spearmint. He pulled me in as we kissed and shut the door with his foot. Our tongues twirled together and he pulled back.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked frowning. His eyes looked sad but I didn’t understand. “Nothing, its just….don’t want to get too carried away.” I smiled.

    “You’re right,” I leaned up and touched my lips to his ear. “We always have later….” I heard him swallow and I smiled as I looked back at him.

    “I made supper.” He said his voice hoarse. I grinned.

    “Come on!”

    We ate in silence, across from each other. His parents were out for the weekend like always so we had the house to ourselves beside the maid who was cleaning up stairs. His parents were rich, he got what he wanted. He looked a little nervous and I just grinned to myself. Finally Grant put his fork down and looked up at me.

    “Um, Olivia can we go into the living room to talk?” I frowned but wiped my mouth and stood up. We walked into the big living room and he sat down on the couch first. I sat down and looked at him a little worried.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked. He looked away from my eyes. He took my hand.

    “Ollie,” he said looking up at me using my nickname. My heart gave a quick thud. I loved it when he called me that! It was so cute! “You know we have been dating for a year now.” I nodded and smiled.

    “And I’ve loved every minute of it!” why did this conversation seem bad?

    “Yes, I did too.” he said nodding.


    “But what?” I asked quickly. He looked at me his eyes sad.

    “Ollie, I think its time to break up.”


    Kendra had called me and asked if I could come over. Her sister was at work. I smirked to myself. We always made out on the couch or in her bed when her sister was at work. Of course I wanted more but Kendra didn’t want to so I never pushed. She was a great girlfriend but sometimes I think we got along to much. And she was always talking about herself. I guess that’s what I get for dating a cheerleader. I walked down the street to her house which isn’t far from my own. I would have taken my car but last time I did that Kendra’s sister came in and practically screamed her head off when she found me in Kendra’s closer hiding. So now if she comes home early I can hide without her finding out I was even there. Kendra’s sister doesn’t like me very much. Don’t know why. I’m an awesome guy! Before I can even think I hit someone. She jumped and looked at me Olivia’s green eyes sparkling in the sun. “Zane!” she said already not looking please. See what I didn’t like about Olivia is she doesn’t like me. I mean every girl loves me! But I can’t woo her. Which is probably why I’m so attracted to her. She has a great a** too! “Well it’s good to see you too Princess!” I said with a smirk. I gave her that name because she hates it! I love pissing her off! It’s become a hobby. She glared at me, her blonde hair falling in ringlets around her face. Which looked kind of sexy. Kendra might be my girlfriend but I can look and flirt as much as I want I just can’t touch.

    “What are you doing here?” she growled. She was wearing dark jeans with a light blue top on. She looked pretty hot. I pointed to Kendra’s house next to Grant’s.

    “Going to see my girlfriend. She wanted to talk to me. Is that ok Olivia?”

    “You better not hurt my best friend Zane or else you’re dead meat.” she threatened. I grinned again showing her I was amused. She and Kendra were pretty close.

    “No problem princess!” I slapped her shoulder like I would my guy friends. She was pretty tall for a girl so I didn’t have to reach down or anything. She rolled her eyes.

    “a**,” I heard her muttered. I smirked as she turned to leave. I watched her butt swing and I bit at my lip. Nah, Kendra’s better. I thought and walked up the steps to Kendra’s. I knocked twice before she opened. She was wearing a short skirt and a low cut t shirt. She smiled her black hair long and straight.

    “Ah, already dressed for the occasion.” I said looking her over. I walked in and shut the door. I grabbed her waist as she smirked. I pulled her against me and kissed her. She seemed distracted as I put my hand under her shirt wanting to get it off a little.

    “Zane,” she said and pulled back. I looked at her. “Um, actually I wanted to talk to you about something,” I frowned.

    “OK? But can it wait till after I’m done?” I said kissing her neck. She breathed in a breath and shook her head pulling me away from her.

    “Come on,”

    “Oh yeah the couch is much better!” I said as she guided me to the couch.

    “No, no. we need to talk.” I looked into her eyes and suddenly I got worried.

    “What’s thing about Kendra?” I demanded. She sat down in a white chair and looked up at me.

    “Zane, I really like you…..but….” she looked down and pushed back her hair. Great. I think I know where she is going with this… “I’m breaking up with you,”

    Damn I hate those words!