• how beautiful i am, a bird that sings, sitting in my cage, what use are my wings, a curse forever i carry, to be loved by those i want, and cast away their feelings, that burdens
    me and taunts, so close they are, but yet they cannot touch, the lovely beauty, so full of love, a pity it be, so close you are to me, yet so faraway, it feels like a dream, my lips you wish to kiss, with every step you miss, my warmth you want to hold, but its too much, to bold, my wings full of our memories, i wish you would forget, and understand me so, please don't be upset, i cannot return your love, that burning growing bud, as much you wish me free, I'm happy can't you see, for a bird, i am program, to remember, her sins atone, ill carry this curse forever, and be single and alone, but i am not sad, yes that bird which is me, i sing not of sadness, but of how i happy i am to be, although you lust you desire, to free me from this cage, and make me your light of fire, my chains will never fade, eternity is long, although i sing you this, your willing to wait, and be fate cruel bait, how long will this seed, be something you will need,with tears from my eyes, that disappear when i cry, my eyes tells a story, one you wish to know, and a wall that blocks you, covered in ice and snow, the winter wind is harsh, the summer breeze is cool, the spring sea is calmness, the Autumn sky is askew ed, if this be my destiny, then let be, for someday I'm sure, things will turn for me, for here ill remain, a bird that is me, and stay here till, I'm ready for eternity