• The pack was on my heels, it was as if I could feel their icy breath on my back as I leaped over all the obstacles in my way. Everything was silent on the streets below me, although up here the high pitched screeches of the Luxens peirced my ears. Most vampires would want to stop dead, and let these blood hungry final stage vampires get to them, but i wouldn't! I would much rather die first then let that happen!
    They continued to screech my name, as I leaped over the building's. Finally, I whipped around, and leaped over their fast moving bodies, and began running the other way. I could see Janx, waiting for me in the distance, his white fangs gleamed in the moonlight, and he awaited impatiently for us to take flight back home. As I leaped over another building I felt something slice through the outer layer of my flesh. i cried out, but the wound quickly healed itself.
    "Ashton!" Janx, cried as he ran over, pulling me back up onto the building.
    "Get her!" The luxens hissed and I screamed to Janx.
    "Come on, we have to get out of here!"
    he nodded his agreement, and we continued to flee from our pursuers, but we soon came to the last building. Below us was a street, filled with mortals. We couldn't jump!
    "Dead end, huh?" I heard the leader of the luxens clan hiss appreciatively.
    I narrowed my eyes, and took on a battle stance bracing myself for the attack. But as The clan stepped closer, the rest of our clan suddenly appeared in front of them.
    "Valice...." The luxens leader spat, in a fit of rage.
    "Ranue...." Valice hissed, and held her position. "Is there something going on, that we are missing? Because I'm sure your leader would be entharled with me spinning a yarn about your clan attacking a higher staged vampire then yourselves." Valice's gray eyes glinted in absolute turmoil, and she let a smile of blackmail pass over her lips.
    Ranue hissed, and glared at me, unmercifully. I snarled back at him from where I kneeled on the ground beside Janx.
    Valice then stepped closer to Ranue, and spat a warning at him.
    "Allow your clan to threaten or let harmcome to any of my vampires and I'll be sure that it is your head, i take for this sin.
    Ranue rolled his eyes turned to his clan.
    "Fall back. Back to Affrenas." He then turned and glared at me, and spat.
    "I'll get you one day, Ashton. Then that's all that will be left of you, your name."
    With that, they turned and raced off into the dark cloak of the night.
    Valice turned to me, and took my arm.
    She touched the scar from where the vampires had wounded me.
    "Does it burn?"
    "What about stinging?"
    "Not really."
    "Are you feeling nasuaous, fatigued?"
    "No, just thirsty."
    "Are you absolutly sure?"
    Valice then stood once more,Gwendolyn came closer and touched my arm, as soon as she did the scar had disappeared and all that was left was my thick and stone like skin, that only a vampire would be able to puncture. I shook my arm, and Janx helped meto my feet.
    "You alright, Ashy?"
    "Yeah, just thirsty, and a little tired. I need some blood and some sleep."
    Valice looked to the moon, then nodded.
    "Janx, it is the hour of feeding. stay with Ashton, and when she is done, help her get back to the house. Make sure she is completly nourished first though."
    Janx nodded obediantly to his sister, and the other's were gone within a matter of mere moments.
    "Alright, what did you do to piss off Ranue this time?" He growled and laid down on the roof of the building beside me.
    I shrugged.
    "Nothing special. I just spat in his path.....and left a few claw marks on his pretty little trophie mate." I winked. Janx's eyes widened.
    "No! You left claw marks on Serabelle? No wonder Ranue was prepared ot kill you, she's like.......all he has."
    I shrugged.
    "What do I care? I was trying to hunt, she was in my way. Next time I'll go after their perfect little vampire daughter, Selena. That'll be sure to break them.
    Janx chuckled.
    "Alright, come on whirlwind. I promised Valice I'd get some blood in you but I'd also like to get home and sleep as soon as I possibly could."
    I nodded, then stretched and stood.
    "Alright, well let's see who can bag the best mortal by the end of the night?"
    "I'm not really up for making a contest out of feeding Ashton."
    "Fine, be a loser than. I'll see you at home."
    And as he screeched my name telling me to come back, I made my leave into the darkness.

    It was now close to dawn and I yawned with weariness. Valice sat at the couch in a pair of sweat pants and a tank top, her hair was messily pulled back, and her face looked grave.
    "What's wrong?" I asked as soon as I stepped in.
    "Gwendolyn has fallen ill, again. The fever rushed back as soon as we got in the house, and she isn't even strong enough to feed. I'm worried that her days with us are numbered. It still seems like yesterday when we all just found out that vampires could grow ill from certain poisons. and then the first time we found that gwendolyn had it, and now it's struck again. I think it's time we looked into creating more vampires. Just a couple, to keep the clan in perfect balance."
    I shook my head.
    "Thats not the way thing's should be done valice. You know that. if we make new vampires they have to be within reason. Now, I'm going to sleep. Awaken me if Gwendolyn becomes worse. i'm the fastest, I'll be the one who should go and get the doctor." Valice nodded, and I turnd and headed towards the basement. My room. The darkest and coldest (But also most refurbished) room in the house.
    The room was painted dark blue and violet. Lacey netting was strung across the ceilings and the headboard of the bed. The bed was a dark violet and black, with about a dozen pillows. I yawned an changed into a pair of pajama pants, before curling up on the bed. I dug my head into the pillows and yawned contendedly. Then as I was beginning to slip into the darkness of dreamland,I felt something running up my thigh. It was a light brush. A hand.
    "Still awake?" I heard a soft voice ask beside me. Janx.
    "Awwww, you dont' wanna fool around alittle?" I could hear excitement thick in his voice.
    "I dunno. Maybe afterwhile, when I've had some sleep, janx."
    "Awww, come on. I may not be in as good a mood when you wake up." I rolled my eyes and rolled over. his darkblue eyes were bright and exubrant and I stifled a yawn.
    "Sorry Janx, but I need to seriously catch up on my sleep."
    Janx rolled his eyes and sighed.
    "Well...Alright. Can I at least stay here while you sleep?"
    "Sure, knock your socks off."
    "Don't mind if I do." He winked and I rolled my eyes before closing them. He then lightly began to caress my arm with the tips of his fingers and whispered in my ear.
    "Sweet dreams, my ashton." Then I was gone.

    I awoke that evening, Janx was now asleep beside me. His button down shirt was thrown on the ground and he had his arms locked around my waist. I yawned, and ulocked his arms.
    I wasn't in anyway interested in Janx. He was the clan leader's brother, and he was a great friend, and in all honesty an incredible lover, but I couldn't see myself allowing a real relationship to form with him. I now stood and took my clothes to the bathroom and changed. I did my hair, fixed my make-up, and left Janx asleep on the bed as I went up the stairs.
    Valice sat on the couch, a tired and wearisome look in her eyes. She sniffed as I came closer.
    "Gwendolyn." I guessed. Valice nodded.
    "no better?" She shook her head.
    "Worse?" She nodded.
    I felt my breath catch in my throat, and I chocked on it.
    "It'd be best for you to go see her now. She doesn't have much time, Ashton."
    I nodded, and held back a few tears.
    Heading up the stairs I could already hear Gwendolyn coughing like a chain smoker, my heart lurched and I went to her bedroom. Her mate, Michael was in there, at her side. Blood red tears streamed his face and he clutched her hand tightly.
    Gwendolyn coughed once more and looked too fragile for words.
    "Oh, gwen." I whispered softly.
    She gave a light smile and looked at me carefully, studying my face.
    "Hello, Ashton. I think I'm going to miss you as much as I'll miss Michael."
    "You won't miss me long." Michael mumbled, and Gwen gave him a sharp stare.
    She then turned back to me.
    "Take care of yourself, Ashton. And Janx. He needs you, you and Valice are all he has."
    I nodded, and bit back a comment of how much he actually meant to me, like how he actually didn't mean much to me.
    She then waved her hand.
    "Go on, and feed. I'll hang on till you come home." She vowed.
    "You promise?" I whispered softly.
    "I swear it."
    I smiled and nodded, then I was on my way.
    I raced down the step's and looked to Valice. Her wide gray eyes seemed in a bind.
    "Are you sure you wouldn't like me to find Carson?"
    She nodded.
    "Gwendolyn doesn't want me to waste the doctors time. she knows he wouldn't arrive in time."
    I nodded, and sniffed before heading towwards the door.
    "I'll be back with blood for Gwendolyn. Just keep watch."
    Valice nodded obediantly then sat down and stared blankly at the TV.

    I now sat operched on the roof of a hospital. Below me was a blood bank, in other words, Gwendolyn's next meal.