• I fell asleep in my house in these dark blizzary night......
    Then i open my eyes i saw the sky a preety blue sky.
    I figured out im wide awake a stood up then i saw...
    A angel a beautiful angel shinning in the big blue sky.
    I asked the angel "am i dead and want to heaven"?
    The angel angel gave no answer and pointed to a puddle.
    I looked at it then i saw...
    My self sleeping..
    Then the angel pointed in a direction.
    i went in the direction i saw an edge.
    I realized im floating in a island above seas.
    then i saw my house floating in another island i saw a bridge a big golden bridge.
    i walked through the bridge,to my house,and then to my bedroom where i saw my bed i went to the bed and sleep at it...
    Then i woke up im in the true world again alive.