• When I was young I looked about!apon whom,who would never come down!I saw how they sparkled and danced!They shot and soared.I sat wondering about our world when I realalized it was evil I devised a plane to start a 13 and up I soar I still fly to the day I am the top of the mountain of power like stars with dazling shows!I ligh in wake until the days where my dreams come alive! where there are clean streets,best food,fun,peace,and love!
    where we share and laugh!Where war is ilegal,and no one is bonded down by bad words or trait,walking with the ones you love!And yet it is as far as galaxys unknown and I have yet to learn what I need to know I still have sometime yet so I will take it slow my life is real my friends are,dreams are too so now lets dream of all our dreams asleep then awake in time!
    I leave now in hopes the stars can gide my path to dreams unknown to me or others! For they can try to put me down while I soar with the stars! biggrin