• The first time i came on i was like this is the best site to get away from realty and be like a totally different person then i am but then i could do that so i started being me and i got a ton of friends. I was really not a "noob" since my big sister was like super duper rich and she still is even though shes not on anymore.

    But i got the nickname ally which was because i loved Alice cooper and got the name Allison cooper but my real name is Christy but i went by both. Started to go in to towns as a somebody that no one knew but out of the blue this one guy standed out to me and we got to talking.
    We started to go out and that's when my love life on online began he was a sweet clam guy totally out of my league but then after a few months i found out he was married to this other girl on here so after that he was out of the picture of my life.

    A year pasted and i meet this new guy named Casey and he was awesome sweet and in my league he was really cute and then i dated him for five months and he decide to marry me so we were together for a year and five months. But hes friend named Chris was also trying to date me at the time and i wasn't interested but then i found out that Casey was cheating on me with some other girl in his area.So i started dating Chris and the same thing happened.

    I was just about to forget dating online when out of the blue came this guy named Cody and he was crazy like me but very down to earth guy but i dated him for a few weeks.
    But a very perv friend of mind came along and he started to tell me he like my sister Demily and i said ok ill hook you up but then she said to him i don't date online so then he came down to California were i live and spent the day with me and he admitted that he all along liked me. I was in shock for a couple of days and he asked me to break up with Cody and i wouldn't do it so he did it for me and then my sister sent him the message that i broke up with him.
    But yet i still love him but we were kinda like friends but that's been my love life break up after break up and yet Ive shed so many tears and im still alive so ive been in the battle of love and i shall still try and win i hope i never lose again i loved everyone of them.

    i still love you mythe, alex casey chris cody and now robbie